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Dunkirk PG-13 106 min Ac­tion | Drama | His­tory | War In May 1940, Ger­many ad­vanced into France, trap­ping Al­lied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. Un­der air and ground cover from Bri­tish and French forces, troops were slowly and me­thod­i­cally evac­u­ated from the beach us­ing ev­ery ser­vice­able naval and civil­ian vessel that could be found. At the end of this heroic mis­sion, 330,000 French, Bri­tish, Bel­gian and Dutch sol­diers were safely evac­u­ated. Di­rec­tor: Christo­pher Nolan Stars: Fionn White­head, Ken­neth Branagh, Mark Ry­lance, Tom Hardy Va­le­rian and the City of a Thou­sand Plan­ets PG-13 137 min Ac­tion | Ad­ven­ture | Sci-Fi In the 28th cen­tury, spe­cial oper­a­tives Va­le­rian (Dane DeHaan) and Lau­re­line work to­gether to main­tain or­der through­out the hu­man ter­ri­to­ries. Un­der as­sign­ment from the min­is­ter of de­fense, the duo em­barks on a mis­sion to Al­pha, an ever-ex­pand­ing me­trop­o­lis where di­verse species gather to share knowl­edge and cul­ture. When a dark force threat­ens the peaceful city, Va­le­rian and Lau­re­line must race against time to iden­tify the men­ace that also jeop­ar­dizes the fu­ture of the uni­verse. Di­rec­tor: Luc Bes­son Stars: Dane DeHaan, Cara Delev­ingne, Clive Owen, Eliz­a­beth De­bicki Girls Trip R 122 min Com­edy Best friends Ryan, Sasha, Lisa and Dina are in for the ad­ven­ture of a life­time when they travel to New Or­leans for the an­nual Essence Fes­ti­val. Along the way, they rekin­dle their sis­ter­hood and re­dis­cover their wild side by do­ing enough danc­ing, drink­ing, brawl­ing and ro­manc­ing to make the Big Easy blush.. Di­rec­tor: Mal­colm D. Lee Stars: Regina Hall, Queen Lat­i­fah, Jada Pin­kett Smith, Tif­fany Had­dish The Emoji Movie PG 86 min An­i­ma­tion | Ad­ven­ture | Com­edy | Fam­ily Hid­den in­side a smart­phone, the bustling city of Tex­topo­lis is home to all emo­jis. Each emoji has only one fa­cial ex­pres­sion, ex­cept for Gene, an ex­u­ber­ant emoji with mul­ti­ple ex­pres­sions. De­ter­mined to be­come “nor­mal” like the other emo­jis, Gene en­lists the help of his best friend Hi-5 and a no­to­ri­ous code breaker called Jail­break. Dur­ing their trav­els through the other apps, the three emo­jis dis­cover a great dan­ger that could threaten their phone’s very ex­is­tence. Di­rec­tor: Tony Leondis Stars: T.J. Miller, James Cor­den, Anna Faris, Maya Ru­dolph Atomic Blonde R 115 min Ac­tion | Mys­tery | Thriller Agent Lor­raine Broughton (Char­l­ize Theron) is equal parts spy­craft, sen­su­al­ity and sav­agery, will­ing to de­ploy any of her skills to stay alive on an im­pos­si­ble mis­sion. Sent alone into Berlin to re­trieve a price­less dossier from within the desta­bi­lized city, she part­ners with em­bed­ded sta­tion chief David Per­ci­val (James McAvoy) to nav­i­gate her way through a deadly game of spies. Di­rec­tor: David Leitch Stars: Sofia Boutella, Char­l­ize Theron, James McAvoy, Bill Skars­gård The Dark Tower 95 min Ac­tion | Ad­ven­ture | Sci-Fi | Western Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the last Gun­slinger, is locked in an eter­nal bat­tle with Wal­ter O’Dim (Matthew McConaughey), also known as the Man in Black. The Gun­slinger must pre­vent the Man in Black from top­pling the Dark Tower, the key that holds the uni­verse to­gether. With the fate of worlds at stake, two men col­lide in the ul­ti­mate bat­tle be­tween good and evil. Di­rec­tor: Niko­laj Ar­cel Stars: Kath­eryn Win­nick, Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Jackie Earle Ha­ley

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