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IIOIOIOII (pro­nounced I.O.) has seem to have come out of nowhere. Or maybe I just a lit­tle slow on learn­ing of him. Christo­pher Gur­ney is the mas­ter­mind be­hind some of the most re­fresh­ing new mu­sic to come out in quite some time. If you like your 80’s Synth mixed with a lit­tle in­dus­trial you have to check him out. I sat down with him to get a feel of where he is com­ing from and where he is head­ing. So here is my 10 ques­tions for IIOIOIOII

1. Lets start with the ob­vi­ous ques­tion ..what is the cor­rect way to say IIOIOIOII and what is it’s mean­ings It’s pro­nounced I.O. There’s no mean­ing or sig­nif­i­cance be­hind the name. I chose it purely for the vis­ual ap­peal. I come from a de­sign and vis­ual arts back­ground and I wanted the project name to be bal­anced. It’s been in­cred­i­bly fun to see what ev­ery­one comes up with re­gard­ing the pro­nun­ci­a­tion though. Peo­ple have thought it was bi­nary, nu­merol­ogy based, all the way to some weird yo­del. Peo­ple have been very cre­ative in try­ing to find the mean­ing be­hind a name that never had one to be­gin with.

2. What im­pact do you want to have in the world ? There are two things I would love to achieve through this project. The first thing is hon­esty. Ev­ery­thing I write are from per­spec­tives or ex­pe­ri­ences that I’ve had. I want ev­ery­thing I put out there to come from a place that is up­front and hon­est. That’s the only way any­one can ever gen­uinely take any­thing from what you’re say­ing and be able to re­late to it. The sec­ond thing is open­ness,. I want peo­ple to ac­cept each other and learn from one an­other. In­creas­ing ac­cep­tance and per­spec­tive re­gard­ing race, cul­tures, gen­der/sex­u­al­ity move­ments, etc... are the quick­est ways to grow and be­come a bet­ter per­son. I don’t know how much of that I can ac­com­plish in the grand scheme of things but I know if I keep try­ing I’m do­ing the right thing.

3. What singer/group was the very first to in­flu­ence you I grew up lis­ten­ing to a lot of dif­fer­ent gen­res but for this project, Depeche Mode was a huge in­flu­ence vo­cally. Gary Nu­man is a huge in­spi­ra­tion in­stru­men­tally with var­i­ous movie scor­ing in­flu­ences from peo­ple like Van­ge­lis.

4. How much of your per­son­al­ity or per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ences are re­flected in your songs All of it. I try to write ev­ery­thing from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ences or from my per­spec­tive if the sub­ject mat­ter is less tan­gi­ble and more uni­ver­sal. I’ve writ­ten songs that were about los­ing friends to heroin to learn­ing to ac­cept one an­other for the greater good. A mes­sage of de­spite dif­fer­ences we’re all we’ve got. You can re­lease some great mu­sic with­out putting your­self into it but it be­comes en­ter­tain­ment rather than any­thing you can call a sin­cere mes­sage.

5. Is acid bet­ter now than it used to be? How about the x? this is just a silly ques­tion no need to answer lol HAHA Sur­pris­ingly, I’ve never done them. I am a big caf­feine junkie though. I love my cof­fee.

6. Who have you wanted to col­lab­o­rate with that you haven’t yet? I’ve got a long wish­list. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work with their he­roes like Depeche Mode or Gary Nu­man? Some of the peo­ple I would like to work with in some way would be projects like Health, Aes­thetic Per­fec­tion, Dead When I Found Her, to name a few off the top of my head. I do con­sider my­self lucky to have worked with or per­formed with some re­ally tal­ented mu­si­cians like Mr.Kitty, The Rain Within, As­tari Nite, Ar­chi­tect, and Dis­torted Ret­ro­spect. 7. What is your first ever al­bum to buy? I want to say it was Me­tal­lica Ride The Light­ning on cas­sette tape, though I think it was a boot­leg tape that I got as a

gift from a cousin (Ssshhh don’t tell any­one). I think the first CD I bought was a Me­gadeth al­bum. I was re­ally into metal as a kid. Then around the early 90s I was in­tro­duced to Pretty Hate Ma­chine and that’s when it re­ally be­gan for me.

8. What are you lis­ten­ing to right now in your me­dia de­vice? Cur­rently, I’m lis­ten­ing to two very dif­fer­ent al­bums. Volt 9000 - De­former, a great in­dus­trial al­bum with heavy in­flu­ences from Skinny Puppy and Ohgr. The other al­bum is the new Tyler, the Cre­ator re­lease. There are sev­eral other re­leases that get reg­u­lar ro­ta­tion like The Black Queen, Health, Pic­ture­plane, and Ae­sop Rock.

9. What can peo­ple ex­pect in a Live show ? They can ex­pect a good time. My end goal is to see ev­ery­one smil­ing by the end of the set. I rou­tinely jump off the stage and give a hug to ev­ery­one I can get to dur­ing our fi­nal song in the set. I want ev­ery­one to know that I ap­pre­ci­ate that they chose to lis­ten to me for that brief mo­ment and that they were part of this ex­pe­ri­ence.

10. any last word you would like to tell our read­ers,,,, iE where to buy your mu­sic and march ,what you are cur­rently work­ing on ETC Thank you so much for read­ing this and sup­port­ing Pub­lic News. If you’re in­ter­ested in hear­ing our mu­sic, we have our EP Post Brim­stone avail­able through Ana­logueTrash.com and var­i­ous stream­ing sites. The lat­est info on our project is avail­able at IIOIOIOII.com or fol­low us on Face­book. Feel free to fol­low us on Twit­ter @IIOIOIOII_Mu­sic.

We will be in Dal­las, Texas Septem­ber 24th at Granada The­ater play­ing with Front 242 and Leaether­strip for In­dus­trafest 2017. We hope to see you there!

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