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Dear Pub­lic News,

Your pub­li­ca­tion gets bet­ter and bet­ter. I’m en­joy­ing the way your mu­sic sec­tion has im­proved and your “red links” take me to your ad­ver­tis­ers web­sites or face­book pages. I keep hop­ing that you will be­come a true weekly news­pa­per, or as you de­scribe the Pub­lic News, a dig­i­tal press. Keep up the great work! S. F. The Heights Dear S. F.

We will keep try­ing our best. As for a weekly pub­li­ca­tion, we need to get a han­dle on com­ing out on time ev­ery other week. But, we share your de­sire! Thanks for read­ing Dear Pub­lic News,

Will you ever print let­ters to the edi­tor? Q. X. Hous­ton Dear Q. X. Yep, and now you’re read­ing it! Dear Pub­lic News,

I cer­tainly miss some of the off beat col­umns like Fake As­trol­ogy and Bad Ad­vice. Will they ever come back? I love the Pub­lic News! D. W. Spring Dear D. W. We are work­ing to­ward get­ting those col­umns back in our pa­per. They had a great fol­low­ing and read­er­ship. Thanks for pay­ing at­ten­tion and giv­ing us great feed­back! Dear Pub­lic News,

Great ar­ti­cles lately. Pia Led­bet­ter is a gem. Tom­ball ghost sto­ries were well writ­ten. I en­joy the links to videos on Mark’s Mu­si­cal Mus­ings. The women in the string band are HOT! More hot­ness, please! A. L. Spring Dear A. L.

Thanks for the ku­dos. I’ll pass this along to Mark. As for more ‘hot­ness’, the Pub­lic News is work­ing on a new col­umn called Hot Bar­tender where read­ers can vote on po­ten­tial hot bar­tenders for us to in­ter­view and, yes, pho­to­graph! Dear Pub­lic News,

Where do you stand on Trump? Like him? Hate him? I can’t stand him per­son­ally. I think he’s an id­iot and un­wor­thy of be­ing pres­i­dent. Are you guys alt-right? Seems to me be­cause I am pretty lib­eral and I can tell. T. H. Hous­ton Dear T. H.

As far as Trump, like him or not, he is our pres­i­dent and he should be given a fair shake, just like some gave Obama. As far as what our ‘alt-pol­i­tics’ are, we are kind of alt-off cen­ter/ lib­er­tar­ian. We re­ally want the gov­ern­ment to do their con­sti­tu­tion­ally man­dated jobs and then leave us the heck alone.

Ken Petty

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