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Dear Pub­lic News,

What hap­pened to the sex ads that used to be in the Pub­lic News back in the day? This new ver­sion of the Pub­lic News sucks. I can’t stop read­ing it. What’s with that? I re­ally want to find fault with this ver­sion of the Pub­lic News but I can’t. I’ll keep try­ing. I re­ally want to see a re­turn of those sex ads.

W. T. Mon­trose

Dear W. T. Sex ads are so 1970’s. Wel­come to the 2010’s.

Dear P.N. I won­der why you don’t iden­tify your writ­ers to your Let­ter Rip col­umn? K. O. Hous­ton

Dear K. O. We like to keep ev­ery­one some­what anony­mous. I ap­pre­ci­ate your com­ments, Kerry.

Dear Pub­lic News,

Does Mark Cramp­ton write on other gen­res of mu­sic other than celtic? He’s a great writer and cov­ers his pre­ferred genre well. I just want to learn about lo­cal bands and stuff! G. G. Mon­trose

Dear G. G. Mark has a jour­nal­ism pedi­gree and cov­ers mu­sic in gen­eral. I in­vite you to check out his prior work in our back is­sues lo­cated here: www.is­suu.com/publicnews In the mean­while

I also in­vite you to check out Robert Cas­tro’s con­tri­bu­tions to our lo­cal mu­sic scene.

Dear Pub­lic News,

Thanks for pub­lish­ing let­ters to the ed­i­tor. Other than that, I got noth­ing. T. Y. Hous­ton

Dear T. Y. Well said.

Dear PN,

I’m aware that you ran ads for Hous­ton Restau­rant Weeks (HRW) at no cost to them. When you look at all the great things the foodie groups have done with Nick Rama in pro­vid­ing meals for the first re­spon­ders and to the fam­i­lies dis­placed by Har­vey, with­out much fan­fare, it causes one to think if the Hous­ton Restau­rant Weeks is not the best op­tion to meet the needs of the Hous­ton Food Bank. Plus there is a wide gap is the al­tru­is­tic val­ues placed on both ef­forts. Nick Rama did not skim any­thing from his ef­forts. Can the same be said about HRW? D. W. Hous­ton

Dear D. W. We had con­tacted the chair­woman and founder of Hous­ton Res­tu­ar­ant Weeks (HRW) for an in­ter­view. She de­clined the of­fer of an in­ter­view cit­ing that she was fear­ful that we were going for a “hit piece” on her. Gen­er­ally re­ac­tions like that in­di­cate that there is some­thing to hide. We won’t know un­til a full au­dit of HRW is com­pleted.

Ken Petty

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