As­sault on SE Texas My Mis­cal­cu­la­tions

Writ­ten by H. Har­vey, Com­mand­ing

Public News (Houston) - - COVER STORY -

The plan of as­sault was bril­liant both strate­gi­cally and tac­ti­cally. It has been well thought out. It would be a two-pronged at­tack on var­i­ous lo­ca­tions of the Texas, Gulf. Ob­jec­tive: To­tal dev­as­ta­tion, loss of life, loss of morale and com­plete de­spair. Length of Cam­paign: Six days of con­tin­ued and re­lent­less at­tacks against var­i­ous and di­verse lo­ca­tions.

I had lit­tle doubt that the cam­paign would suc­ceed and re­sult in the de­sired ob­jec­tives. It started well and I uti­lized both sur­prise and stealth.

They knew I was com­ing, but they didn’t know what to ex­pect. Me­te­o­rol­o­gists through­out the area knew I was com­ing, but they couldn’t pre­dict where I would hit first. They couldn’t see my over­all strength, though they cor­rectly warned that I was in no hurry to ac­com­plish my ob­jec­tives. I would move slowly, en­sur­ing max­i­mum dam­age in­flicted upon the area and the pop­u­la­tion.

I would hit first in the south­ern por­tion of the state and move ef­fec­tively North­east. My plan was to cre­ate mo­ments of false se­cu­rity and it worked per­fectly. I made land fall on three dif­fer­ent oc­ca­sions, with dif­fer­ent tar­gets each time. It was bril­liant. They never would ex­pect or an­tic­i­pate this. They were not pre­pared to re­sist the hell I was ready to un­leash.

I tar­geted Cor­pus as for my ini­tial as- sault but feigned ever so slightly, hit­ting Rock­port with a full out, frontal as­sault. I uti­lized all the forces at my dis­posal: wind, rain, tor­na­dos, etc. Rock­port stood no chance. I de­mol­ished her quickly and ef­fec­tively. She lay bro­ken and bleed­ing in my wake. It was ex­hil­a­rat­ing.

I feigned again, act­ing as if I was los­ing Hur­ri­cane strength, but all the while know­ing that my next tac­tic would not be winds: it would be rain and flood­ing. Such rain and flood­ing as has never been seen here ever be­fore. An 800-year flood. Hous­ton and sur­round­ing towns and cities were next to feel my fury.

Oh, how it suc­ceeded. The bayou’s, rivers and lakes had never felt any­thing like the wrath I un­leashed upon them. I dropped over 20 TRIL­LION gal­lons of rain on the area. 20 Tril­lion! Do you have any idea what that rep­re­sents? It rep­re­sents enough wa­ter to sup­ply New York City’s wa­ter needs for over 30 years. That’s what I dropped on Hous­ton and sur­round­ing area’s over just a three-day pe­riod. I was re­lent­less and it was glo­ri­ous. How the area stag­gered un­der the weight of my at­tack.

My ob­jec­tive was be­ing re­al­ized…. I killed peo­ple, as planned. I killed First re­spon­ders, I killed chil­dren, I killed fam­i­lies and I even killed their pets. They could not stand against me. I loved see­ing their tears and cries for help.

Rid­ing a vic­to­ri­ous high, I al­lowed some ar­eas to think my as­sault had sub­sided. Then I turned and at­tacked again… Port

“I killed peo­ple, as planned. I killed first re­spon­ders, I killed chil­dren, I killed fam­i­lies and I even killed their pets. “

Arthur was de­stroyed, I cut off the wa­ter sup­ply in Beau­mont and they had to run for cover. To­tal vic­tory was mine and I rel­ished in it.

How­ever, cer­tain events hap­pened which I had not cal­cu­lated for. In the midst of my fury, in the midst of the dev­as­ta­tion I wit­nessed things which sur­prised me. I saw Black peo­ple, White peo­ple, His­panic peo­ple and Asian peo­ple band­ing to­gether to hold the line against me. That was not sup­posed to hap­pen. I was count­ing on di­vi­sion and hate. That’s what I was led to be­lieve would con­trib­ute to my to­tal vic­tory. That did not hap­pen. These Tex­ans would not leave anyone be­hind… no mat­ter their race or po­lit­i­cal point of view. That was not sup­posed to hap­pen. They would not even leave their an­i­mals be­hind. Time and time again, re­ports came to me of peo­ple willing to risk death then leave a fam­ily pet. This was not cal­cu­lated. They were sup­posed to lose hope, they were sup­posed to wal­low in the de­struc­tion around them and that did not hap­pen. I heard the singing com­ing from a shel­ter one night. SINGING! I had taken ev­ery­thing from them and they were singing! How could one cal­cu­late that? They were sup­posed to lose faith. How could they hold on to faith

“These Tex­ans would not leave anyone be­hind… no mat­ter their race or po­lit­i­cal point of view.“

when my wrath did ev­ery­thing con­ceiv­able to de­stroy faith? That one man, hold­ing his lit­tle son’s hand emerg­ing from the flood wa­ters. I had taken ev­ery­thing from him: his home, his clothes, his car … ev­ery­thing… And when that re­porter asked him what he was feel­ing? He said he Thanked God? Thanked God!! What man­ner of peo­ple was I deal­ing with here? I cal­cu­lated that they would lose courage. But the first re­spon­ders work­ing with no food or sleep for days? that sur­prised me. The Po­lice of­fi­cer, Sar­gent Perez. He was days from re­tire­ment… He didn’t have to an­swer the call. Yet, he spent two hours try­ing to get to his duty sta­tion to help the peo­ple be­fore I killed him. It was a shal­low, empty vic­tory for me. I thought that when I flooded the nurs­ing home, they would all die. Old and alone! Per­fect! But, they didn’t … all were res­cued. I had no doubt that when I drowned that whole fam­ily…. De­spair would set in …. They would give up… but they didn’t. I ex­e­cuted my plan per­fectly. Al­most 186,000 homes dam­aged or de­stroyed! You can’t do bet­ter than that. Al­most 43,000 peo­ple in shel­ters! Many of them chil­dren…. Won­der­ful. They had to be fin­ished, I had won. I sur­veyed the bat­tle­field to­day…… the carnage was ev­ery­where. Flood wa­ters still ris­ing in places. Chem­i­cal plants ex­pe­ri­enc­ing ex­plo­sions …. More evac­u­a­tions. Through the rub­ble and smoke, I ex­pected to see a white flag of sur­ren­der… they could take no more. I did see a flag… it was tat­tered, but fly­ing. It had one Star upon it…. A sin­gle star... A Lone Star. I had miss-cal­cu­lated. Damn you Texas…. Damn you. Signed: H. Har­vey. Com­mand­ing. (as trans­lated by Don Or­tolano)

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