Nee­dle-Turn Appliqué

Hand appliqué takes more time than fusible appliqué, but for some peo­ple the re­sults are worth the ex­tra time and ef­fort. Here are two pop­u­lar meth­ods for hand appliqué.

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1. Trace around the appliqué shape (do not in­clude seam al­lowances) on the pa­per side of a sheet of freezer pa­per to cre­ate a pat­tern (Fig­ure A). Re­v­erse the pat­tern for any di­rec­tional shapes be­fore trac­ing. Trace the num­ber of pieces needed to com­plete the project.

2. Cut out the freezer-pa­per shapes on the traced lines. Note: You can layer, pin and cut three or four lay­ers at a time with­out sac­ri­fic­ing ac­cu­racy.

3. Place and press the freezer-pa­per shapes with the waxy/shiny side down on the wrong side of the fab­ric leav­ing 1/2" be­tween shapes (Fig­ure B). Note: The freezer-pa­per waxy/shiny side will stick to the fab­ric when heated and can be reused sev­eral times. 4. Cut out shapes, leav­ing a 1/4" seam al­lowance beyond the edge of the freezer-pa­per shape (Fig­ure C).

5. Clip into curves al­most to the pa­per shape (Fig­ure D). Cut off sharp points 1/8"–1/4" beyond the point of the freezer-pa­per pat­tern (Fig­ure E). Clip into in­side an­gles al­most to the drawn line (Fig­ure F). 6. Fold edges over the freezer pa­per and iron in place a lit­tle sec­tion at a time us­ing the point of the iron or a mini iron (Fig­ure G). Note: You can ap­ply spray siz­ing (not spray starch) to the seam al­lowance be­fore turn­ing to pro­vide a stiff edge. Spray siz­ing into a dish and use a cot­ton swab to moisten the seam al­lowance be­fore turn­ing. Care­fully press the seam al­lowance from both the right and wrong side, then re­move the freezer pa­per. Press again if de­sired. 7. When edges are smooth, re­move freezer pa­per (Fig­ure H).

8. Po­si­tion the pre­pared shape on the back­ground. Blind-stitch piece in place us­ing thread to match the fab­ric. Knot the thread end, insert threaded nee­dle into the folded edge, hid­ing the knot in the fold, and catch

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