“When I saw the dif­fer­ence, I started to cry.”

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Bright­ness isn’t ev­ery­thing.

Con­ven­tion­alConve light­ing sources can’t com­pen­sate for the changes youry eyes go through as you get older. Nor­mal vari­a­tions that oc­curocc in con­trast, sharp­ness and color bal­ance re­quire more than just ‘turn­ing up the vol­ume’!

Mi­cro­sun ™ lamps help you see

moremo vivid col­ors and sharper con­trast by em­u­lat­ing the nat­u­ral light that comescome from the sun, it­self. Our floor and ta­ble lamps dra­mat­i­cally re­duce glaregla and eye strain. Read­ing, com­puter time and your fa­vorite close-up work­wor all be­come more en­joy­able. Even the most chal­leng­ing quilt­ing pat­tern is easy on your eyes.

What makes Mi­cro­sun ™ the world’sworld’ most in­tel­li­gent quilt­ing lamps?

Our patented* Halide/LED light­ing sys­tems is de­signed to de­liver a whop­ping 7000 lu­mens from only 90 watts of power. That’s 8x more light than con­ven­tional bulbs!** No oth­ero lamps fea­ture this rev­o­lu­tion­ary tech­nol­ogy.

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