Win­ter Di­a­monds

Here’s a di­a­mond-shaped Log Cabin pat­tern to try.

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Try this di­a­mond Log Cabin quilt.


• 1/4 yard each 15 bright batiks • 41/ 3 yards medium gray batik • Back­ing to size • Bat­ting to size* • Thread • Tem­plate ma­te­rial • 60- de­gree ruler (op­tional) • Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies

*Warm & Nat­u­ral bat­ting from The Warm Com­pany used to make sam­ple.


Pre­pare a tem­plate for A us­ing pat­tern given.

From 15 bright batiks:

• Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip from 8 fab­rics. Cut 1 A piece from each strip us­ing the pre­pared tem­plate. Trim the re­main­der of each strip to 11/2" wide. • Cut 2 ad­di­tional 11/2" by fab­ric width strips from the same 8 fab­rics to to­tal 3 strips each. • Cut 3 (11/2" by fab­ric width) strips from

each of the re­main­ing 7 fab­rics.

From medium gray batik:

• Cut 2 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strips. Cut 15 A pieces from strips us­ing the pre­pared tem­plate. Trim the re­main­der of the sec­ond strip to 11/2" wide for G. • Cut 27 (11/2" by fab­ric width) G strips. • Cut 2 (51/ 8" by fab­ric width) strips. Sub­cut strips into 4 (51/ 8" x 177/ 8" B rect

an­gles. Trim to size as per in­struc­tions. • Cut 3 (83/4" by fab­ric width) strips. Sub­cut strips into 8 (83/4" x 101/ 8") C rec­tan­gles. Trim to size as per in­struc­tions. • Cut 1 (51/4" by fab­ric width) strip. Sub­cut strip into 2 (51/4" x 91/ 8")

D rec­tan­gles. Trim as per in­struc­tions. • Cut 6 (61/2" by fab­ric width) E/F strips. • Cut 7 (21/4" by fab­ric width) bind­ing strips.


1. To com­plete one Bright Win­ter Di­a­mond block, se­lect one gray A piece, one G strip and one each two dif­fer­ent 11/2"-wide bright strips. 2. Place the gray A piece right sides to­gether on one bright strip and stitch as shown in Fig­ure 1.

4. Place the stitched unit right sides to­gether on top of the same bright strip with the seam of the first piece to­ward the back of the ma­chine; stitch to add the sec­ond piece as shown in Fig­ure 3. 5. Re­peat step 3 as shown in Fig­ure 4.

6. Con­tinue in the same man­ner un­til the cen­ter has one round of the same bright pieces around it as shown in Fig­ure 5. Note: The pieces are num­bered for stitch­ing or­der in the fig­ure draw­ing.

7. Us­ing the G strip, add an­other round of pieces to the cen­ter unit as shown in Fig­ure 6.

8. Us­ing the sec­ond bright strip, add the fi­nal round of pieces to the cen­ter unit to com­plete one Bright Win­ter Di­a­mond block re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 7.

9. Re­peat steps 1–8 to com­plete a to­tal of 15 Bright Win­ter Di­a­mond blocks.

10. Re­peat steps 1–8 with a bright A cen­ter and G strips in rounds 1 and 3, and a bright strip in round 2 to com­plete eight Gray Win­ter Di­a­mond blocks as shown in Fig­ure 8.


Fold each B rec­tan­gle in half and crease to mark the cen­ter on one 177/8" side.

Us­ing a ro­tary ruler, cut­ter and mat, cut from one bot­tom cor­ner to the top cen­ter crease as shown in Fig­ure 9.

3. Re­peat step 2 on the op­po­site end of the rec­tan­gle to create a B tri­an­gle re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 10. 4. Re­peat with re­main­ing B rec­tan­gles to make four B tri­an­gles.

5. Re­peat steps 1–4 with C rec­tan­gles to make eight C tri­an­gles re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 11.

6. Cut one D rec­tan­gle from the bot­tom left to the top right to make two D tri­an­gles as shown in Fig­ure 12. Cut the sec­ond D rec­tan­gle from the bot­tom right to the top left to make two DR tri­an­gles, again re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 12.


Re­fer to the Assem­bly Diagram for con­struc­tion steps.

1. Ar­range and join the pieced blocks in di­ag­o­nal rows with B, C and D tri­an­gles; press.

2. Join the rows and add DR to op­po­site cor­ners to com­plete the pieced cen­ter; press.

3. Join the E/F strips on the short ends to make one long strip; press. Sub­cut strip into two each 61/2" x 481/8" E strips and 61/2" x 583/4" F strips.

4. Sew E strips to op­po­site long sides and F strips to the top and bot­tom of the pieced cen­ter to com­plete the quilt top; press.

5. Create a quilt sand­wich re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 102. 6. Quilt as de­sired. 7. Bind edges re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 102 to fin­ish.

“This quilt is based on Log Cabin– style blocks that start in the cen­ter with a di­a­mond. The blocks are iden­ti­cal in con­struc­tion, but there are two dif­fer­ent color ver­sions. This quilt lends it­self to fast assem­bly-line sewing. It also in­cludes a very wide bor­der for a mod­ern float­ing ef­fect.” —Holly Daniels

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