By us­ing square-in-a-square units and care­ful fab­ric place­ment, you can make this gor­geous quilt with fat quar­ters.



• 17 as­sorted fat quar­ters as­sorted

prints and tonals* • 2/ 3 yard dark blue tonal* • 7/ 8 yard gray tonal* • Back­ing to size • Bat­ting to size* • Thread* • Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies *Gar­den Club fab­ric col­lec­tion by Brenda Ratliff for RJR Fab­rics; Warm & Nat­u­ral 80/20 bat­ting from The Warm Com­pany; Au­ri­fil thread; Tread dig­i­tal quilt­ing pat­tern by Tammy Ober­lin of TK Quilt­ing and De­sign used to make sam­ple.

CUT­TING From as­sorted fat quar­ters:

• Cut 4 (5" x 91/2") A rec­tan­gles from each fat quar­ter. • Cut a to­tal of 10 (5") B squares. • Cut 8 (31/ 8") squares from each fat quar­ter and 1 (31/ 8") square to match each B square. Cut each square in half on 1 di­ag­o­nal to make 292 D tri­an­gles. Note: There are ex­tra A rec­tan­gles (64 needed) and D tri­an­gles (280 needed) to help with color place­ment.

From dark blue tonal:

• Cut 7 (23/4" by fab­ric width) bind­ing strips. Note: See Here's a Tip for more bind­ing in­for­ma­tion.

From gray tonal:

• Cut 7 (35/ 8" by fab­ric width) strips. Sub­cut strips into 70 (35/ 8") C squares.


Press all seams open to re­duce bulk. 1. Re­fer­ring to the As­sem­bly Di­a­gram, ar­range the pieces for the top four rows on a flat sur­face, match­ing the D tri­an­gles to the A rec­tan­gles or B squares as needed to cre­ate the pat­tern and to avoid the same fab­rics touch­ing in ad­ja­cent rows. 2. From ar­range­ment, select one C square and two sets of two match­ing D tri­an­gles from the top row. 3. Sew two match­ing D tri­an­gles to two ad­ja­cent sides of C as shown in Fig­ure 1; press.

4. Sew the sec­ond set of match­ing D squares to the re­main­ing sides of C to com­plete one C-D unit, again re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 1. Place back in the ar­ranged top row. 5. Re­peat steps 2–4 to com­plete the re­main­ing C-D units in the row. 6. Join the C-D units with the A rec­tan­gles to com­plete the top row; press. 7. Con­tinue to make C-D units and join with A rec­tan­gles and B squares to com­plete the re­main­ing ar­ranged rows. 8. Join the com­pleted rows; press. Set aside. 9. Re­peat steps 1–8 to ar­range and com­plete the re­main­ing rows. 10. Join the row sec­tions to com­plete the quilt top; press. 11. Cre­ate a quilt sand­wich re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 94. 12. Quilt as de­sired. 13. Bind edges re­fer­ring to Here’s a Tip and Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 94 to fin­ish.

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