QB Sneak be­cause you’re friendly!

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is In foot­ball, the quar­ter­back sneak

than when the QB runs the ball, rather pass­ing it.In dat­ing, it’s about cozy­ing up to a boy as a friend ...then, with­out

a him even re­al­iz­ing it, you two de­velop

to crush! This works be­cause you’re easy

friend. get along with, and make a great

s your sh buds a lot of ur close ends?

Yes, we all hang

out! You spot your crush at a school

foot­ball game.You:

b a seat t to him! No ... not

yet! It feels

like for­ever!

Ask a friend to wave his

way! Too many times to count! How long have you known your


Not that

long! How of­ten would you say you talk to your crush per week?

did your How

find out friends

were that you

your fall­ing for


I told them right away!


A few times here and

there Yes, I need ad­vice!

They saw doo­dles of his name in my note­book See how you can get from the friend zone to

the BF/GF zone! He’s nice to ev­ery­one he

meets. Do you sec­ondguess your­self be­fore talk­ing

to him? “I can’t stop

think­ing about him!” Nah, I just go

for it!

You like your crush be­cause:

He re­minds you of your fa­vorite guy


What’s some­thing you’d say about your


“We’re gonna mar­rie one da

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