Which af­ter-sc Hool snack

Should You make?

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Bum­mer! You just tripped walk­ing down the hall­way and ev­ery­one saw.You:

A. Act like you meant to do that.

B. Ask your pals to rate your wipe­out! C. Laugh it off.

You’re on the look­out for a new crush this year.You want a boy who:

A. Makes friends eas­ily.

B. Likes to try new things.

C. Makes the lit­tle things fun.

Your bestie wants to start work­ing out.You tell her to try out:

A. A YouTube ex­er­cise you saw — easy! B. Zumba for some­thing dif­fer­ent!

C. Yoga be­cause it’s so peace­ful!

Dis­cover what you should munch on — and

then whip it up!

You’re hav­ing a sleep­over with your BFFs.You can’t wait to:

A. Sing karaoke.

B. Play Truth or Dare.

C. Make prank phone calls.

Your friends want to form a band. What role do you want?

A. Lead singer — duh!

B. Drum­mer — to make your own beat! C. What­ever they need!

You have lots of goals for this school year. But your #1 goal is:

A. To make the honor roll. B. To join a cool club.

C. To make new friends.

Which celebrity would you call your soul sis­ter?

A. Demi Lo­vato — she’s con­fi­dent! B. Katy Perry — she’s one-of-a-kind! C. Tay­lor Swift — she’s so pos­i­tive!

’Fess up: Your friends some­times get an­noyed at you for:

A. Telling them what to do. B. Show­ing up late.

C. Hav­ing the “per­fect” life.

If you were a frost­ing fla­vor, you’d def­i­nitely be:

A. Cho­co­late. B. Fun­fetti.

C. Straw­berry.

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