What does your locker re­veal?

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What’s the main pur­pose of your locker?

A. Uh, it’s my sec­ond closet!

B. It’s a meet-up spot with friends C. It’s a cool space to dec­o­rate D. It’s where I store books.Duh!

Why would you hang around af­ter the last bell rings?

A. For the clubs I’m in

B. To watch my BFF’s prac­tice C. So I can chat with friends D. I’m prob­a­bly tu­tor­ing

What was the first thing you put in your locker as dec­o­ra­tion?

A. A sticker of our mas­cot

B. Po­laroid pho­tos of my BFFs C. My fa­vorite quote

D. A cal­en­dar

You need your sci­ence book, but you’re run­ning late! You:

A. Thank­fully have it on you.

B. Use your BFF’s copy in­stead. C. Will be late again.Oh well! D. Wait, me? I’m never late!

Which app would you get caught us­ing in class?

A. Face­book B. Snapchat C. Twit­ter

D. Ever­note

Your dream locker space would:

A. Dou­ble in size.

B. Be near my friends ’lock­ers.

C. Be my fa­vorite color.

D. Have more hooks and shelves.

How of­ten do you ac­tu­ally open your locker?

A. I lost count

B. I rarely open it

C. A few times a day D. Every sin­gle pe­riod

What does school in­volve­ment mean to you?

A. Join­ing tons of clubs

B. In­ter­act­ing with class­mates C. Be­ing on the year­book staff D. Mak­ing honor roll

One look in your locker and we’d see:

A. A school sweat­shirt.

B. Notes from my BFF taped up. C. A string of fairy lights.

D. A neat stack of note­books.

Veron­ica Dunne’s locker must-have! “I love a lit­tle white board,” the K.C. Un­der­cover star tells us.

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