ARE YOU AN IN­STA-stalker?

Check Mark the state­ments that ap­ply to you, then add them up to re­veal your stalker sta­tus!

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The only strangers I fol­low on In­sta­gram are celebri­ties.

Af­ter I meet some­one, I im­me­di­ately search for them on In­sta.

I’ll check my pals’ tagged pho­tos to see who they’re hang­ing with.

I never want to be my crush’s first like.

I’ll use a friend’s ac­count to creep on some­one.

I found my crush on IG be­fore he fol­lowed me.

I’ll go through a stranger’s feed if they have cute out­fits!

I’ll re­quest to fol­low some­one IDK if we have mu­tual friends.

TBH, I’ve friend re­quested com­plete strangers on In­sta.

I usu­ally only scroll through In­sta­gram if I’m bored.

I can find ba­si­cally any­one on In­sta,e ven if I know al­most noth­ing about them.

If my crush doesn’t text me back right away, I’ll look at his In­sta story to see what he’s up to.

Some­times I’ll check to see who my besties are fol­low­ing on In­sta­gram.

I’m su­per care­ful about never lik­ing old pho­tos dur­ing a creep­ing sesh.

I’ve mem­o­rized all of my friends In­sta themes, in­clud­ing their fil­ter com­bos.

The best thing about IG is see­ing funny meme posts.

There is noth­ing worse than a pri­vate ac­count.

I have a sep­a­rate In­sta­gram ac­count I use to creep.

I rarely scroll any­where other than my feed.

I al­ways look to see who’s on­line.

I’ve spent lit­eral hours creep­ing.

I don’t re­ally check who watches my In­sta sto­ries.

If I no­tice other girls leav­ing com­ments on my crush’s In­sta, I’ll go look at their feeds.

I’ve mis­tak­enly called some­one by their In­sta­gram han­dle in­stead of their name.

I hate when I ac­ci­den­tally scroll past my bestie’s lat­est pic!

I to­tally know when my friends post-and-delete their self­ies.

I re­mem­ber my BFF’s photo cap­tions word-for-word.

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