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Com­fort is the top thing I look for when I’m out shop­ping for some­thing. If it’s not cozy, then I prob­a­bly won’t buy it.

I love pink so much! If I could only wear one color for the rest of my life, it’d def­i­nitely be pink — it’s just so me!

You’ll never catch me in ruf­fles and lace. Nope, that’s the com­plete op­po­site of me. I’m not into clothes that are fussy like that.

I’m usu­ally the first per­son in my group of friends who tries out a new and fash­ion­for­ward trend.

I could hon­estly wear a dif­fer­ent track­suit ev­ery sin­gle day and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of wear­ing them.

When it comes to ac­ces­sories, I’m all about lay­er­ing. In fact, the more I can wear with an out­fit, the bet­ter! Dresses aren’t re­ally my thing, but if I do wear one, I usu­ally go for some­thing in a darker shade with min­i­mal pat­terns.

Be­fore I go shop­ping, I like to scope out the lat­est styles that celebs are wear­ing in mag­a­zines.

I usu­ally head over to the gym wear or ath­letic sec­tion in a store when I’m look­ing for new clothes to buy.

I lay out my out­fit the night be­fore. That way I can make sure it’s per­fect and I don’t have to spend time on it in the morn­ing.

When­ever I hit up the mall with my friends, I have to make sure we stop at Hot Topic to see what’s new.

Some of my friends think I have too many clothes, but I can’t help it, I love fash­ion so much!

If I see a shirt with glit­ter on it, I have to try it on. It’s like it’s call­ing my name and telling me I need to buy it.

If you looked in­side my closet, you’d prob­a­bly find more black pieces of cloth­ing than any other color.

I’m all about tak­ing fash­ion risks and think­ing out­side the box when it comes to my out­fits each day.

You’d never catch me sport­ing a huge bow in my hair. I’m more of a sim­ple pony­tail type of girl. I would choose a pair of sneak­ers or flats over heels any day. I just feel more like my­self in them.

I’d be more drawn to a sweater with a cute de­sign on it than one that was plain or had edgy em­bel­lish­ments.

I’m all about rock­ing vin­tage band T-shirts and other tops that have a bit of an edgy, worn-in vibe to them.

I could spend over an hour in one of my fa­vorite stores just try­ing on dif­fer­ent out­fits be­fore I leave.

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