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Vinny Mil­burn, co-owner and fish­mon­ger at Brook­lyn’s Green­point Fish & Lob­ster Co., tells you what you need to know. 1 Find a rep­utable seafood shop and look for the har­vest tags, which in­clude in­for­ma­tion on where and when the oys­ters were har­vested. Most fish­mon­gers will dis­play tags in the oys­ter cases. If you don’t see the tags, ask for them. If the store doesn’t have them, shop else­where. 2 Fresh oys­ters shouldn’t smell fishy, and their shells should snap closed when tapped. 3 Buy four to six oys­ters per per­son. Some peo­ple will gob­ble a half dozen easy; oth­ers “don’t do raw.” It’s best to split the dif­fer­ence. 4 Place oys­ters in a bowl, cover with a damp cloth, and stick them in the fridge. Stored prop­erly, they’ll be OK to eat raw for about a week. 5 Shuck oys­ters just be­fore serving and eat them within an hour. See page 92 for shuck­ing in­struc­tions and con­sider it your new­est party trick!

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