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“I’ve showed thou­sands of peo­ple how to shuck oys­ters,” says Jules Op­ton-him­mel of Wal­rus and Car­pen­ter Oys­ters. “And I’ve never met some­one I couldn’t teach.” Read on for your les­son.

3 Twist the knife like a key in a lock to pop the shell open. Gen­tly slide the knife in and pry off the top, cut­ting through the ad­duc­tor mus­cle.

4 Run your knife around the edge of the shell to cut the oys­ter loose from the bot­tom, be­ing care­ful not to man­gle the meat. Done!

2 Find the groove in the pointy end. Push an oys­ter knife into the groove un­til it’s stuck. You should be able to hold the oys­ter on the knife like a lol­lipop.

1 Put on some oys­ter­shuck­ing gloves (yes, you need them), then hold the oys­ter in your palm, rounded-side down.

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