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Quick takes on some Ital­ian faves

1 Tuna & White Bean Cros­tini

START TO FIN­ISH: 15 MIN • 4 tbsp. EVOO 4 tsp. • sherry vine­gar 1 tbsp. • Di­jon mus­tard 2 cups • wa­ter­cress 1 can ( 15 oz.) • white beans, rinsed 1 jar (6 oz.) tuna packed in oil, • drained 1∕3 cup chopped • red onion 1∕4 cup fresh • tar­ragon leaves 8 slices of rus­tic Ital­ian bread In medium bowl, whisk 3 tbsp. oil, the vine­gar, and mus­tard; sea­son. Toss with wa­ter­cress, beans, tuna, onion, and tar­ragon; sea­son. Brush bread with re­main­ing 1 tbsp. oil. Broil un­til toasted, about 2 min­utes per side. Top with tuna mix­ture. Makes 8.

2 Roasted Ar­ti­choke Hearts with Lemon & Gar­lic START TO FIN­ISH: 30 MIN 24 oz. frozen ar­ti­choke hearts, thawed and gen­tly • squeezed dry 3 tbsp. olive oil, plus more for • driz­zling 1 lemon— quar­tered length­wise, then • thinly sliced 1 large shal­lot, cut into 1∕4- inch-thick • • slices 5 cloves gar­lic, chopped 1 tbsp. chopped fresh rose­mary grated Parme­san, for gar­nish

• On bak­ing sheet, toss ar­ti­chokes, 3 tbsp. oil, the lemon, shal­lot, gar­lic, and rose­mary; sea­son gen­er­ously. Ar­range in even layer. Roast at 475°, toss­ing oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til browned and crisp in spots, about 25 min­utes. Driz­zle with oil. Top with cheese. Serves 4.

3 Fo­cac­cia Break­fast Sand­wiches START TO FIN­ISH: 20 MIN • 1∕3 cup may­on­naise 2 scal­lions, • chopped 1 tbsp. chopped fresh • oregano 1 lb. bulk Ital­ian sausage, formed • into four 4- inch round pat­ties 4 eggs • •

8 slices fon­tina 4 sand­wich-size squares • of fo­cac­cia, split hor­i­zon­tally 3 cups baby arugula 2 tsp. EVOO 2 tsp. lemon juice

• • In small bowl, mix may­on­naise, scal­lions, and oregano; sea­son. In large non­stick skil­let, cook sausage pat­ties over medi­umhigh un­til cooked through, 3 to 4 min­utes per side. Trans­fer to plate. Wipe out any black­ened pieces in skil­let. Fry eggs over medium-low un­til whites are set, about 4 min­utes. Place cheese on cut sides of bread. Broil un­til melted, about 2 min­utes. In bowl, toss arugula, oil, and lemon juice; sea­son. Build sand­wiches with arugula, sausage pat­ties, and eggs. Makes 4.


Chif­fon­ade may sound fancy, but it’s the eas­i­est way to slice basil with­out bruis­ing it. Stack clean, dry leaves in a neat pile; roll them up length­wise; then slice cross­wise. Sprin­kle on all the things!

Chicken Parm with Blis­tered-tomato Sauce

START TO FIN­ISH: 25 MIN • 11∕4 cups panko bread­crumbs 3∕4 cup grated • • Parme­san 1 egg 4 chicken cut­lets (about • • 4 oz. each) 4 tbsp. olive oil 4 slices pro­volone • •

12 oz. cherry toma­toes 1∕2 cup red • (sun- dried tomato) pesto 2 cloves gar­lic, finely chopped 1∕2 cup sliced fresh basil

• In shal­low bowl, stir panko and Parme­san; sea­son. In an­other bowl, beat egg. Coat chicken in egg, then panko mix­ture. In non­stick skil­let, fry chicken in oil over medium- high un­til cooked through, 3 min­utes per side. Top with pro­volone. Trans­fer chicken to plates. In skil­let, cook toma­toes with pesto over high un­til blis­tered, 4 min­utes. Add 1∕3 cup wa­ter and gar­lic. Cook un­til warmed; sea­son. Serve chicken with sauce. Gar­nish with basil. Serves 4.

6 Maple Af­fogato with Pe­can Crunch

START TO FIN­ISH: 10 MIN 1∕3 cup pure maple syrup ( prefer­ably dark) • 1 pt. vanilla ice cream • 1∕2 cup freshly brewed very strong es­presso • 1∕4 tsp. ground nut­meg • 1∕4 tsp. ground es­presso • beans 1∕4 cup chopped Pe­can Crunch (see recipe be­low) In small saucepan, boil maple syrup over high un­til re­duced to 1∕4 cup, about 2 min­utes. Let cool. Scoop ice cream into bowls. Driz­zle with es­presso and re­duced syrup. Top with nut­meg, ground es­presso beans, and Pe­can Crunch. Serves 4.

7 Pe­can Crunch


2∕3 cup su­gar • 1∕2 stick but­ter • 1∕2 tsp. bak­ing soda • 1 cup roasted pecans In medium heavy saucepan, stir su­gar, but­ter, and 1∕4 cup wa­ter over medium un­til su­gar dis­solves, about 3 min­utes. In­crease heat to high. Boil, with­out stir­ring, un­til mix­ture turns caramel in color, about 7 min­utes. Re­move from heat. Im­me­di­ately stir in bak­ing soda (mix­ture will bub­ble vig­or­ously), then pecans. Pour onto foil-lined bak­ing sheet. Trans­fer to freezer un­til cool, about 15 min­utes. Coarsely chop. Store in air­tight con­tainer for up to 1 month. Makes about 3∕4 lb.

8 Al­mond & Pine Nut Cook­ies

START TO FIN­ISH: 25 MIN 1∕2 cup su­gar 1∕2 cup al­mond paste 2 tbsp. flour 1 large egg white 1∕4 tsp. aniseed 1 cup pine nuts In food pro­ces­sor, pulse su­gar, al­mond paste, and flour un­til com­bined. Add egg white and aniseed. Process un­til smooth. Place nuts in bowl. Add dough by rounded tea­spoon­fuls; roll un­til coated. Space 2 inches apart on parch­ment-lined bak­ing sheet. Bake at 350° un­til golden, about 18 min­utes. Let cool. Makes about 16.

9 Ital­ian Chopped Salad with Fen­nel & Mor­tadella

START TO FIN­ISH: 15 MIN 2 tbsp. EVOO 2 tbsp. white bal­samic vine­gar 1 tsp. Di­jon mus­tard 3 cups sliced ro­maine hearts 1 small fen­nel bulb, halved and very thinly sliced 1∕2 cup coarsely chopped drained gi­a­r­diniera 1∕2 cup diced sliced mor­tadella 1∕2 cup thinly sliced fresh basil 1∕4 cup diced sliced pro­volone In large bowl, whisk oil, vine­gar, and Di­jon. Toss with re­main­ing in­gre­di­ents; sea­son. Serves 4.

10 Shrimp & Cherry Tomato Put­tanesca

START TO FIN­ISH: 25 MIN 12 oz. cherry toma­toes, halved 1 cup dry white wine 14 kala­mata olives, pit­ted and quar­tered 4 an­chovies, chopped 3 tbsp. olive oil 2 tbsp. tomato paste 1 tbsp. ca­pers 1 tbsp. finely chopped gar­lic 1∕4 tsp. crushed red pep­per 20 peeled and de­veined large shrimp 1 tbsp. chopped fresh mar­jo­ram In large skil­let, boil toma­toes, wine, olives, an­chovies, oil, tomato paste, ca­pers, gar­lic, crushed red pep­per, and 1∕2 cup wa­ter, stir­ring of­ten, un­til thick­ened, about 5 min­utes. Add shrimp. Cook, stir­ring of­ten, un­til shrimp are opaque in cen­ters, about 4 min­utes. Top with mar­jo­ram. Serves 4.


Drink it! But that’s not all: The zippy Ital­ian liqueur made from lemon zest, su­gar, and al­co­hol isn’t just for sip­ping. Driz­zle it over sor­bet, or whisk it with some pow­dered su­gar for an easy glaze.

12 Ital­ian G& T

START TO FIN­ISH: 10 MIN 6 oz. limon­cello (lemon liqueur) 4 oz. gin 10 oz. tonic 6 oz. dry lemon soda (such as San Pel­le­grino Li­monata) ice 4 lemon twists Di­vide limon­cello and gin among 4 glasses. Top with tonic and lemon soda. Stir gen­tly, then fill glasses with ice. Gar­nish with lemon twists. Makes 4.

13 Caramelized-banana Sun­daes with Hazel­nuts & Amaretto

START 1 pt. vanilla TO FIN­ISH: ice cream, 15 soft­ened IN (PLUS FREEZ­ING) 1 tsp. orange zest 2 ba­nanas, sliced 1 tbsp. su­gar 4 tbsp. choco­late-hazel­nut spread (such as Nutella), warmed 12 maraschino cher­ries, halved 4 tbsp. amaretto whipped cream, for serv­ing 1∕4 cup chopped toasted hazel­nuts In medium bowl, stir ice cream and orange zest. Freeze for about 1 hour. Dip 1 side of each banana slice in su­gar. In large non­stick skil­let, cook banana slices, su­gar-side down, over high, un­til caramelized, about 1 minute. Di­vide ice cream among 4 bowls. Top with banana slices, choco­late-hazel­nut spread, cher­ries, amaretto, whipped cream, and nuts. Makes 4.

14 Bal­samic Onion Pizza

START TO FIN­ISH: 30 MIN 1 onion, sliced 2 shal­lots, sliced 2 tbsp. olive oil 2 tbsp. bal­samic vine­gar 2 tbsp. fresh thyme leaves 1 lb. pizza dough, rolled out to 12- inch round 1∕2 cup mas­car­pone cheese 4 small pota­toes, very thinly sliced 1 cup shred­ded Gruyère In skil­let, cook onions and shal­lots in oil over medium, stir­ring of­ten, un­til soft, about 10 min­utes. Re­move from heat. Mix in vine­gar and 1 tbsp. thyme; sea­son. On bak­ing sheet, bake dough at 500° un­til start­ing to brown, about 5 min­utes. Spread mas­car­pone on dough. Top with onion mix­ture, pota­toes, and Gruyère. Bake un­til golden and bub­bly, about 12 min­utes. Top with re­main­ing 1 tbsp. thyme. Serves 4.

15 Ital­ian Baked Eggs with Egg­plant & Tomato

START TO FIN­ISH: 25 MIN 4 oz. diced pancetta 6 tbsp. olive oil 1 large egg­plant (about 11∕4 lb.), cut into 1- inch pieces 1 jar (24 oz.) mari­nara sauce 1∕4 cup sliced fresh basil 1∕2 cup chopped fresh flat- leaf pars­ley 4 medium eggs toast, for serv­ing In large deep skil­let, cook pancetta in 2 tbsp. oil over medium-high un­til crisp, about 3 min­utes. Trans­fer to plate. In skil­let, heat re­main­ing 4 tbsp. oil over medium-high. Cook egg­plant, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til browned, 6 to 8 min­utes; sea­son. Add mari­nara, half the herbs, and the pancetta. Cook, stir­ring of­ten, for 2 min­utes. Us­ing spoon, cre­ate 4 wells in egg­plant mix­ture. Crack in eggs. Cover and sim­mer over medium-low un­til whites set, about 5 min­utes. Top with re­main­ing herbs. Serve with toast. Serves 4.

16 Goat Cheese with Port-Glazed Figs

START TO FIN­ISH: 20 MIN 1 cup ruby port 2 tbsp. bal­samic glaze 6 fresh figs, stemmed and quar­tered 1 log ( 10.5 oz.) fresh goat cheese 2 tbsp. EVOO 11∕2 tsp. finely chopped gar­lic 5 slices prosci­utto, roughly torn 1∕4 cup torn fresh mint toasts, for serv­ing In skil­let, boil port and glaze un­til re­duced to 1∕4 cup, about 7 min­utes. Stir in figs. Let cool. On plat­ter, flat­ten cheese into 3∕4-inch-thick rec­tan­gle. In small bowl, stir oil and gar­lic. Driz­zle over cheese; sea­son. Top cheese with figs. Driz­zle with port glaze. Top with prosci­utto and mint. Serve with toasts. Serves 4.

17 Pork Chops with Sweet & Sour Figs

START TO FIN­ISH: 25 MIN 1∕2 cup white wine vine­gar 1∕4 cup honey 2 cloves gar­lic, smashed 1 tbsp. but­ter 1∕4 tsp. crushed red pep­per 6 figs, halved 2 bone- in pork chops (about 1∕2 inch thick) 1 tbsp. olive oil fresh flat- leaf pars­ley leaves, for gar­nish In small skil­let, boil vine­gar, honey, and gar­lic un­til re­duced by half, about 6 min­utes. Whisk in but­ter and crushed red pep­per. Dis­card gar­lic. Stir in figs; sea­son. Sea­son chops. In large skil­let, cook chops in oil over medium- high un­til cooked through, 3 to 4 min­utes per side. Top with figs and sauce. Gar­nish with pars­ley. Serves 2.

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