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Say Good­bye to the Term “Post- Baby Body”

Let’s ban the phrase Post- Baby Body. Pre- Baby Body can go, too. As a mat­ter of fact, let’s get rid of the en­tire con­cept of “be­fore and af­ter” bod­ies while we’re at it. The fact of the mat­ter is that there is no such thing as a bad body.

Here’s what I know about liv­ing in a fat body: the world may judge me a hun­dred times be­tween the moment I wake up and the moment I fall asleep, but not as harshly as I used to judge my­self for sim­ply liv­ing in my own skin. I may bat­tle a lit­tle harder to get through the day than most peo­ple I know, but at the end of each day, I can thank my body for hous­ing all of my dreams. No mat­ter how much my body may change through­out the course of my life, it will have done tremen­dous things for me and I shouldn’t pun­ish it for mak­ing more room for me when I needed it.

Hat­ing your body is the first and most crit­i­cal symp­tom of dip­ping your fin­gers too deeply into the diet cul­ture cookie jar, and it’s one of the most fre­quently ex­pe­ri­enced feel­ings by hu­mans all over the world, par­tic­u­larly by women. Ac­cord­ing to an in­ter­na­tional study, only 4% of women aged 18- 29 would call them­selves beau­ti­ful*. This means that the other 96% are so self- con­scious that words like beau­ti­ful, sexy, and pretty fall out of a per­son’s mouth and onto the floor be­fore it could ever stick to their self- con­scious bod­ies.

Mom­mas, we can do bet­ter. We are lit­eral pow­er­houses. Our bod­ies have the abil­ity to cre­ate life, to nour­ish, to carry, to hold, to kiss, to hug, to com­fort, to wrap boo­boos and to love so deeply, no mea­sure­ments have been able to fully en­cap­su­late it. Let’s beat diet cul­ture by find­ing ways to ap­pre­ci­ate our bod­ies and what they can do, whether it’s daily af­fir­ma­tions, find­ing a com­mu­nity, giv­ing ex­tra care to the ar­eas of our body that worry us, or read­ing this ar­ti­cle ten times, we can learn to not only say that we are beau­ti­ful, but to be­lieve it, too. * source: http://www.clubo­fam­s­ter­­tentar­ti­cles/ 52% 20 Beauty/ dove_ white_ pa­per_ fi­nal. pdf Heather Stadler is a writer and an ed­u­ca­tor who is pas­sion­ate about an­i­mals, hu­mans, and rights for all be­ings. When she› s not work­ing with chil­dren or prob­lem- solv­ing at the cowork­ing space where she works, she ad­vo­cates on be­half of an­i­mals by lead­ing tours at Catskill An­i­mal Sanc­tu­ary and writ­ing for her blog, Of­fi­cial Fat Ve­gan. Heather be­lieves in in­clu­sion­ary ve­g­an­ism, mean­ing folks of all size, color, gender and back­ground are equal parts in this move­ment. Ba­si­cally, there› s no wrong way to have a body and there is no wrong way to be ve­gan. Her blog fo­cuses on body pos­i­tiv­ity and pro­motes ve­g­an­ism as a cel­e­bra­tion of life.

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