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What's your great­est as­pi­ra­tion for the small amount of time you have on this earth? For some of us, it's bag­ging our dream job. Some of us want noth­ing more than to raise kind and com­pas­sion­ate chil­dren; some of us want to find true love; and some of us de­sire to do what­ever we can to change this tu­mul­tuous world. What­ever your de­sires are, let them be grand and ex­trav­a­gant, but also let them be things we can work on as we pass through the end of 2018 and look ahead to what 2019 has in store.

The prom­ise of a new year is al­lur­ing in that it of­fers us the prom­ise of a some­what fresh slate. We get to cel­e­brate the pas­sage of time, one of the big­gest in­evitabil­i­ties in our life, and send off the pre­vi­ous year with a bang! Why then, do we so of­ten set the tone for our new year by pro­fess­ing our New Year's Res­o­lu­tions to be cen­tered around weight loss?

Diet Cul­ture wants us to pledge ev­ery Jan­uary that we're go­ing to lose a cer­tain amount of pounds. It wants us to sign up for gym mem­ber­ships, pay for per­sonal train­ers, buy diet shakes and talk about things like body goals, calo­ries, reg­i­mens, and car­bo­hy­drates. The worst part about Diet Cul­ture is that it's such a per­va­sive part of our so­ci­ety. Just about ev­ery­one will pledge to lose some amount of weight this Jan­uary, but don't you think it's about time you break free and stop per­pet­u­at­ing this cy­cle of mis­ery and self- loathing?

The first year my res­o­lu­tion wasn't fo­cused on weight loss, it was sim­ple enough but end­lessly com­pli­cated and po­ten­tially i mpos­si­ble. I re­solved to stop hat­ing my­self. It was a long year full of af­fir­ma­tions, jour­nal­ing, ther­apy and re­flec­tion, but it was the first res­o­lu­tion I ac­tu­ally stuck to, and the first year of the rest of my life. THIS is my “Af­ter” body, this body that has not changed in weight, but has changed in con­fi­dence and stature, this body that has grown in wis­dom and in strength.

This year, let your res­o­lu­tion break the mold and set a prece­dent for those around you. Our great­est as­pi­ra­tions for 2019 should not be to fit into a smaller size, or to see a cer­tain num­ber on a scale. In­stead of los­ing weight, let's fo­cus on los­ing our in­se­cu­ri­ties. Let's re­flect on what we learned in 2018 and pledge to do bet­ter for our­selves with this new blank slate. Let's live in the now and love the skin we have rather than fan­ta­size about what we could look like at some later date. Happy New You! ◆

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