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Melt­ing Melt­ing Snow­men

How To: Melt 200g ve­gan white choco­late in a saucepan. I al­ways melt it di­rectly on low heat but you can use a bain marie. Once melted save a tbsp of the choco­late and mix with a tiny bit of ac­ti­vated char­coal to make it black for the eyes, arms and but­tons. Place the white choco­late in a pip­ing bag or a squeezee tool like a Lekue De­copen. Cre­ate blobs and use a tooth­pick to spread it out more pre­cisely. Add a vegam mini marsh­mal­low for the face. Use a tooth­pick to trace on eyes, arms and but­tons with the char­coal choco­late. Mix a tiny bit of white choco­late with turmeric to draw on for the car­rot nose.

Ba­nana Ba­nana Xmas Xmas


How To: Peel and cut a ba­nana in half width­wise us­ing one on th­ese halves for the An­gel body. You need a thin slice also to use for the halo. Take the other half of the ba­nana and slice it in half length­wise to use as wings which you place out­wards on both sides of the body. Sprin­kle the halo and wings with sil­ver glit­ter or balls and use sprin­kles to cre­ate eyes. You can make a smi­ley by us­ing the tip of a tea­spoon.

Water­melon Water­melon ChristChrist

mas Trees

How To: Slice the water­melon and use a t ree cookie cut­ter to cre­ate the shapes lin­ing up the base of the cut­ter with the edge of the water­melon. Top with ve­gan mini marsh­mal­lows for a gar­land and sprin­kles for baubles.

The The Touristy


How To: To make th­ese halve and pit an av­o­cado. Sprin­kle the av­o­cado halves with black se­same seeds. Fill the pit with hum­mus or any dip of your choice. Cut the tops off of two Ro­mano pep­pers and place them at the top for a hat. Halve four olives to use as hands and feet. Cut a slice of car­rot into two tri­an­gles for the beak and add two sets of ed­i­ble eyes.

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