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Chasing the Dream … Leo Rossi Abolish ICE


(RLn, Sept. 2-15, 2021)

Enlighteni­ng article about SP’s “music man” Leo Rossi. Your readers can hear and see Rossi’s personal account of his “life stories” as one of the original participan­ts of

(Vol. I). He’s articulate and entertaini­ng. All stories are at the website www.storieslah­arborarea. com under history/videos. Volume III filmed in July to debut October 2021.

Tune in and enjoy Leo Rossi and all the stories, made possible through Los Angeles County grant funding by Supervisor Janice Hahn, and additional sponsorshi­p. Stephanie Mardesich

San Pedro

Moe McLeod, age 57 of Washington state.

Was arrested for being racist and so dumb.

Moe harassed and physically assaulted

Alyssa Cuellar at Safeway in Astoria, Oregon.

Just before the assault, Moe’s husband

Vince yelled “F you!” at young Miss Cuellar & Called Alyssa the C-word for owning a car That says “Abolish ICE” — this means war! Moe and her hateful husband who is inbred Need to go to the psych ward’s padded cell. You don’t like Alyssa’s “Abolish ICE” sticker? So this couple assaults her? They’re nuts! Conservati­ve “cancel culture” runs amok! Right-wingers are the whiniest crybabies, Because they can’t handle the truth at all. Like Donald Trump’s desperate downfall. Trump & his Kool-Aid crew are big losers!

Just like the McLeod couple are boozers.

Republican­s are like the American Taliban,

Except y’know D.C. ain’t Kabul, my friends.

Anyway, rednecks are way too drunk to pray

On their knees to Allah five-timesa-day.

Stories of Los Angeles Harbor Area: For Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

Don’t you know what would happen to you,

White supremacis­t alcoholic hillbilly hicks?

If you got in your pickup trucks with AR-15s

Headed for the US Capitol like Jan. 6 again?

The CIA’s drones would blow y’all away, and

Rest assured, the Trumps would die that day!

Just like he said about the COVID-19 plague,

Trump will disappear miraculous­ly one day.

So bring it on & come get some, if you dare!

Do you want to die for Donald Trump’s hair?

Jake Pickering Arcata, Calif.

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