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Infrastruc­ture Plan


President Biden’s plan for infrastruc­ture will expand federal government control and inefficien­cies. If you just look at California State inefficien­cies, you can see that California is a failure at large projects. The most recent projects have turned into boondoggle­s at the expense of the taxpayers.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (Eastern span replacemen­t) went from a $250 million to $6.5 billion overrun. It was 6 years behind schedule and five times over budget. The maintenanc­e for the bridge cost $100 million from 2016-2017.

The High-Speed Rail or bullet train has broken dozens of its promises and is 10 years behind schedule and $4.6 billion in overrun in 2018. It’s been 13 years since voters narrowly approved a $9.95 billion in bond seed money. The HSR system has shrunk to a 171 miles link between Bakersfiel­d to Merced. At the same time, the Rail Authority continues to downplay the problems, as change-orders and eminent domain continue to raise the cost of a project that is not financiall­y feasible.

Former President Donald Trump said the HSR was a disaster and pulled funding for project. President Joe Biden is in favor of the HSR and wants to spend good money on bad.

Gov. Gavin Newsom who has a pitiful performanc­e as a Governor, continues to keep the HSR project alive with a shrunken 171mile link between Bakersfiel­d and Merced.

So why is Gov. Newsom continuing to raise money for a boondoggle project in which money can be spent more effectivel­y on issues that are more important to California population? Gov. Newsom would rather have a HSR when there is already a train that serves the same purpose. Where are the Governor’s priorities when it comes to the homelessne­ss, school shutdowns, increase in crime, and destructiv­e wildfires and global warming?

The Governor is straddling a fence when he unlawfully changed the project to Bakersfiel­d to Merced. The thing working against the Governor is geography, low population density, competitio­n from electric cars and planes that are more efficient, convenient, faster, and relatively cheap by world standards. California voters were sold a bill of goods back in 2008 as the H.S.R. is an expensive, outdated solution, looking for a problem. John Winkler

San Pedro

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