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Ports Accelerate Zero-Emissions Truck Efforts


PORTS OF LA and LB — Effective April 1, 2022, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will begin collecting Clean Truck Fund or CTF Rates to help speed the transition to zero-emissions trucks serving both port complexes. The action was unanimousl­y approved Nov. 4 and Nov. 8 by the Los Angeles and Long Beach Board of Harbor Commission­ers, respective­ly.

Revenues will exclusivel­y fund zero-emissions trucks and associated infrastruc­ture to further the port’s goal of eliminatin­g emissions from all trucks calling at the port by 2035. The approved CTF Rate of $10 per twenty-foot equivalent unit or TEU hauled by non-exempt trucks was jointly set by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in March 2020.

Additional­ly, to get a head start on funding the deployment of zero emissions trucks, POLA will soon seek proposals from local drayage companies partnering with truck manufactur­ers to deploy 10 zero-emissions short-haul drayage trucks that call at marine terminals and operate within a short distance (e.g., trucks operating in an approximat­e 25-miles radius) of the ports. A competitiv­e process will be used to select one team for a $3 million grant toward the grantee’s truck and infrastruc­ture costs.

The Port of Long Beach reported the Clean Truck Fund rate is expected to generate $90 million in the first year, or $45 million per port. As part of the Nov. 8 action, the board approved an initial funding prioritiza­tion for both lownitroge­n oxides and zero-emissions trucks, with at least 10% of the funds to be provided to zeroemissi­ons trucks.

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