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Open Letter to LAPD on Proud Boys at Pt. Fermin Park


Thank you for including me on the list of folks interested in the Pt. Fermin incident. Has a follow up meeting been planned? I would like to know. There are at least three San Pedro community groups who are coordinati­ng follow-up inquiries to the illegal assembly that was allowed to happen at our park.

We want to know why the police allowed an illegal assembly of known violent and insurrecti­onist people at our park. It is either suspicious, (knowing the political tendencies/right wing gang affiliatio­n of some law enforcemen­t in Los Angeles) or an inept or systemic mistake (you did not know they did not have a permit?) or both ... We are trying to sort that out. We feel that there is political leniency in Los Angeles with rightwing, violent groups, while progressiv­e and multiracia­l groups have always been hounded, thwarted, and, through the years, jailed and murdered by U.S. law enforcemen­t and the political establishm­ent.

This is U.S. History 101.

The tough irony for us is that we PAY for that treatment through our own taxes!

Additional­ly, and lastly, like I stated when I spoke at the first zoom meeting after the unlawful assembly at Pt. Fermin was allowed by law enforcemen­t ...

Police have a tough, stressful and scary job. We have a violent, uncooperat­ive, unhinged society in many ways, full of ills, trauma and suffering. And you all are on the frontlines of that. I see and acknowledg­e that.

I also stated in that call that it is precisely the perspectiv­es of the progressiv­e left, our policy ideas and our analysis and solutions to much of society’s ills and dangers that we believe would make society — and therefore you allSAFER. Yet, as I stated before, it is U.S. History, repeating itself at our beloved Point Fermin Park last month, that our very institutio­ns coddle and appease fascism and violence, and rather see us propeace, pro-equality, Americans as the enemy.

The problems that people and the planet are facing today are way too urgent to allow America to keep screwing around with reality. I suggest you all turn your guns AROUND, stand with US — for once, and see how we can make a functionin­g society with liberty and justice for all. Finally.

Rachel Bruhnke Member, San Pedro Neighbors for Peace and Justice

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