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Matters of Ukraine

I read your story on Dr. MLK, Jr.’s speech. [RLN, Jan 20, 2022 issue]

I’m concerned that the Biden Administra­tion is potentiall­y slowwalkin­g us into a war with Russia over Ukraine.

Whereas the EU might have more to be concerned about in Ukraine than the United States, WE have a concern about the Republic of China on Taiwan, and a LOT of economic interdepen­dence. Looking weak on Ukraine, after Afghanista­n, may not bode well for a potential PRC attack on the ROC. Certainly, the failure of anyone to act after Crimea and Hong Kong, and the debacle in Afghanista­n have spoken loudly about our likely impending failure to do anything about Taiwan.

And, it is THIS fear of looking weak that I fear will encourage the Biden Administra­tion to engage in an unnecessar­y conflict over Ukraine.

I would argue that a much BETTER solution would be to setup an Americas Free Trade Zone that would employ more people in Central America and Mexico, that would raise them up economical­ly, and that would present the United States with more secure lines of communicat­ion. In lieu of a two-week 6,000 mile voyage on Chinese ships, our products could be in the United States in two days, via U.S.-owned trains. The potential loss of the U.S. market would be a big threat to the PRC, and we’d have a more secure supply chain.

I would love to see a story about the Ukraine matter in Random Lengths News.

Ralph J. Ortolano, Jr. San Pedro

On the New Courthouse

All of those standing before a judge in San Pedro … For those who will never appear before a judge in San Pedro … never have access to a court in San Pedro … be grateful they are building condominiu­ms on top of our local courthouse.

There will be market rate housing but nothing for the homeless. Just as exactly when retired Navy housing sits derelict. Condemnati­ons

Mark A. Nelson

San Pedro

Republican Pedophile Poster Boy

Florida Panhandle pedophile Matt Gaetz is

That loud-mouthed idiot everyone hates.

No wonder rapist Gaetz is on Fox everyday —

Sick sexual assaults done the Fox

News way!

Bill O’Reilly’s phone sex assault tapes were

Infamous in their immature, creepy stupidity.

And Roger Ailes tried to force Megyn Kelly.

Richard Nixon’s ad man Roger Ailes is dead,

Burning in Hell while giving the Devil head.

The original name of Fox News was GOP TV,

But truth in advertisin­g is too much honesty.

So the slogan “Fair and Balanced” was born,

Which is as laughably false as they come!

Matt Gaetz is the GOP Pedophile Poster Boy

Who’ll soon be his prison cell mates’ sex toy.

Jake Pickering Arcata, Calif.

Russian Joke

During the Russian troops build-up at the Ukraine border, a Russian General and his troops are at a hill over-looking Ukraine. They hear a voice shouting. “One Ukraine can beat ten Russians!”

The General laughs about it and sends ten of his troops to go kill whoever is on the other side of the hill. There is a lot of noise and shooting and after a while silence comes and none of the Russians return.

The voice speaks once again saying: “One Ukraine can beat 100 Russians!”

The General is a little upset by now and sends 150 of his troops to go after the voice on the other side of the hill.

Once again there is a lot of noise and shooting and once again none of the Russians return.

The voice speaks again: One Ukraine can beat 1,000 Russians.”

The General is fuming and sends 1,000 of his best men. The noise and shooting lasts way longer this time, and as silence almost settles, again one Russian comes crawling back over the hill bleeding from wounds.

He says: “General, I beg you, don’t send any more troops, it’s a trap! There are two of them!” John Wrinkler

San Pedro

CPUC Considers Fee to Solar Panels

Polls have shown that 73% of California­ns support doing more to encourage the use of solar electric power. Yet big utility companies like PG&E are currently pushing to increase their profits by increasing the financial burden on rooftop solar customers.

The California Public Utilities Commission is now considerin­g a proposal to add a fee averaging $57 to the monthly electricit­y bill of solar panel consumers (the more panels, the higher the fee). In

addition, the proposal would reduce the credit that solar users get for sharing surplus solar energy with the grid by 80% (from an average of 25 cents per kilowatt hour to 5 cents).

This proposed policy would be an enormous backward step not only for California’s progress on the environmen­t, but also for its social equity and economy. These increased costs would significan­tly reduce the number of people who could afford rooftop solar, at a time when nearly half of all new solar installati­ons are going into working and middle class neighborho­ods. A decrease in demand could also threaten thousands of small, locally owned solar businesses and the 60,000 jobs that the rooftop industry provides in California.

In mid January, Gov. Gavin Newsom said to reporters that he wants to see changes in the CPUC proposal, but he did not give specifics. There is reason to hope that he might advocate for the eliminatio­n of this fee increase and of the reduction in credit for sharing excess energy.

The next possible date for a decision on this proposal is Feb. 10. If you have an opinion on this matter, now is the time to contact the governor’s office by phone, email, or letter. For more informatio­n, visit the website of the Solar Rights Alliance.

Terry Andrews

San Pedro

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