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Class Action Lawsuits for Those Affected by the Dominguez Channel Odor


McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, is bringing a lawsuit over residents’ lingering medical symptoms caused by hydrogen sulfide pollution in the Dominguez Channel in Carson, California. The gas is produced by decaying plants and animals in the Dominguez Channel and potentiall­y the remnants of a chemical fire at Jupiter Warehouse. It has been deemed “highly toxic” by OSHA.

Thousands of impacted residents have complained of experienci­ng symptoms such as shortness of breath, headaches, coughing, and nausea. Residents and community activists such as Brandi Murdock, who enlisted the help of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP, have accused government agencies of reacting slowly or being ineffectiv­e in addressing the fallout of the Dominguez Channel odor.

For residents who have suffered health issues and financial hardship from having to escape the odor, you can sign up as a client by calling McCune, Wright, and Arevalo, LLP at 424-3743763. The deadline to sign up for a pre-litigation claim is March 29.

Details: www.murdockcom­munity.org and www.mccunewrig­ht.com for more informatio­n.

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