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“These Go To Eleven” — and five down.



1. Toning result

12. Celebrity gossip website

15. 1993 Mary J. Blige hit that reached #5 on the R&B Singles Chart

16. Elvis’s longtime label

17. Bitter almond, as seen in French desserts

18. Acne wash maker

19. It’s posed for passersby

21. Radcliffe’s group

22. Dear one?

23. Violinist Menuhin

27. Throws out

30. Eldest von Trapp child in “The Sound of Music”

35. Pet Shop Boys’ longtime label

36. Locates

37. Comparable

39. Tomei of Spider-Man movies

40. Where Will Shortz is the “Puzzlemast­er”

43. Dish with grapes, walnuts, and mayo

50. Bookstore category that features the town’s authors

53. Squishee purveyor on “The Simpsons”

54. Record the meeting, in a way

55. Blues guitarist Mahal

56. Place where it’s hard to pass

57. “Hold On Tight” group

58. Words before “of smell,” “of self,” and “of right and wrong”


1. Cat scratch sources

2. Friends, ‘90s-style

3. Russian infant emperor of 174041 (too young to be the “terrible” one)

4. E-mail writer

5. ___ a positive note

6. Chain that merged with AMC Theatres

7. Boy’s name that means “God is my nation” in Hebrew (A MILE anag.)

8. “San ___ High School football rules!” (shouted line near the end of “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”)

9. Pearl Jam bassist Jeff

10. Actors Reed and Meredith Baxter (when she took a husband’s surname)

11. Pilots

12. Apparel that gets “dropped,” facetiousl­y

13. CI times XI

14. Former groupmate of Harry and Liam

20. Decoy vessel used as early as WWI

24. Actor Kier of “Dancer in the Dark”

25. Morse code component

26. Provisiona­l terms

27. Old Prizm automaker

28. Australian coat of arms bird

29. Frank McCourt’s sequel to “Angela’s Ashes”

30. On the ___ (running)

31. Garten who had a 2022 moment responding to Reese Witherspoo­n

32. Canal zone?

33. Guardian Angel Curtis who was the Republican nominee for NYC mayor in 2021

34. Northern Silicon Valley city

38. “Highlights for Children” dogooder

40. Vacuum hater?

41. Igneous rock that solidifies deep in the earth (like a god of the underworld)

42. ___ hen’s teeth

44. Scottish builder of stone walls (not Dutch, surprising­ly)

45. Work alongside “El rey Lear,” “La tempestad,” and “Ricardo III”

46. Furnish a new crew

47. “Breaking Bad” businessma­n/drug lord Gus

48. Neurobiolo­gist Joshua who developed the “brainbow” by mapping neurons with different colored proteins (and whose name uses letters from “synapse”)

49. “___ un Principio: From the Beginning” (1999 Marc Anthony greatest-hits album)

50. In the wee hours

51. Birthstone that shares a first letter with its month

52. “... a Saint Bernard in his prime, five years old, nearly two hundred pounds in weight ...”

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