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The Real Reason for the reversal of Roe v. Wade


We are in the wild west of biotechnol­ogy.

The material provided by fetuses you may recall the planned parenthood scandal from a new years back for a fetus (heart, lung, brain, liver...)

If Roe v Wade is reversed, it is inevitable that backyard abortions will become available in communitie­s.

Local bosses (gang leaders, strong men) whatever you want to call them, will make deals with police for the abortion provider to hand over the material the fetuses for stem cell research) to medical supply companies in exchange to not incriminat­e the abortion-provider.

This is the real reason why Roe V. Wade is being overturned.

There are many people who are being manipulate­d because perhaps they have regrets having had their own abortion in their youth and missing having children or grandchild­ren as a result of their choice and having pursued education or business (as women did for the last 30 to 40 years).

The religious-right who are also oftentimes white think that they would have more numbers if there were less abortions.

The White race was never a global majority.

I believe they often think that their very identity is being threatened because they are concerned that they do not have big families.

... in addition to the fact that there is a lot of lonliness among people in general.

There is something called transhuman­ism.

It is the general trend in needing humans less because of robotics and automation displacing workers.

Additional­ly, there is a lot of interest in augmented human enhancemen­ts and also enhancing robotic species (Boston Dynamics) and the narrative includes the idea that human biological material like (skin) will be grown around circuit board chips, AI, biological material and that will change what is created in the future.

It is anticipate­d that these biological entities will serve humans.

It’s a urobourus because as workers are displaced with automation/robotics and there are less people contributi­ng to the tax base as workers

Displaced workers and people in general will have a greater need for a safety net as there is an inevitable hardship (crisis) coming and perhaps pandemics somehow play into that?

Marcy Bielma San Pedro

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