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RE: SCOTUS Ruling Limiting EPA’s Power


I condemn this decision and the harm it will bring to families, workers and our environmen­t, particular­ly in communitie­s like ours in South LA that have lived with environmen­tal injustice and, as a result, healthcare disparitie­s for far too long. It is not acceptable to have elected officials and appointed justices that are bought and paid for by corporate polluters. Our leaders need to do what’s in the best interest of the people, not polluters and fossil fuel executives. I am proud to stand with and be endorsed by the following organizati­ons who are fighting for environmen­tal justice and action on climate change: Sierra Club California, CBE Action, Sunrise Movement LA & Long Beach, Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund, Jane Fonda PAC, South Bay 350 LA and CEJA Action. The lack of action on environmen­tal injustice by my opponent’s tenure was a primary reason I stepped into this race. I will continue to work with frontline organizati­ons to ensure a healthy and safe environmen­t for future generation­s.

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, Candidate for California Assembly District 65

Donald Trump is a Cop Killer

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