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Peck Park Shooting: Mayberry RFD Reacts to Crime in San Pedro


So, yesterday (July 26) I attended a community forum with the LAPD to discuss the shooting at Peck Park. Joe Buscaino opened the meeting with a forceful campaign speech to vote for ‘law and order!’ in the upcoming mayoral election, and to recall Gascon, naturally. That was followed by 30 minutes of various members of the LAPD and park patrol congratula­ting themselves for their courage and bravery on Sunday (it was all over when they got there and they have not apprehende­d a suspect).

Then many more appeals for more resources, even though the LAPD budget is $1 billion, yes, billion. Lots of creepy neighbors complainin­g about ‘people from Compton’ causing trouble. As the meeting ended, all the brave officers got in their cruisers to drive away while next-door, at that very moment, tires were screeching and rubber was burning from the hoodlums who come nearly every day to run doughnuts behind the CVS parking lot.

Well, I guess I fulfilled my civic duty by attending but there were no surprises. In spite of their enormous budget, a general rule of thumb is that police do not prevent crime, they react to crime, and then they take credit for running to the scene. Eight people were shot Sunday and two died. This was a serious incident and I felt like I was watching an episode of Mayberry

RFD. Buscaino played Barney


Andrea Serna, San Pedro

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