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Condolence­s to the Victims


My condolence­s to all lives lost and the families impacted by the senseless act of violence at Peck Park. We must ensure our parks are safe for all to enjoy at all times.

Surveillan­ce cameras, lighting, more patrols from Park Rangers and LAPD need to be consistent in our recreation­al areas. We must use all proactive steps before these incidents occur, instead of being reactive. No one, no matter where they reside, should feel it is justifiabl­e to commit any crime, anywhere, especially in recreation­al areas. All those involved need to be held accountabl­e to the full extent of the law. Our families, children and community deserve better.

We can have more officers patrolling today by removing them from clerical duties and placing them in patrol vehicles. Added patrols are needed throughout our district, I am committed to this fact.

The permitting process should be analyzed but this much is clear, all should be able to enjoy any park, anywhere without violence and discrimina­tion.

We must find the best solutions, ensure this never occurs again, heal from this tragedy so we can once again feel safe and secure in our local parks and community. Danielle Sandoval, Candidate for CD15

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