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SCAQMD Investigat­es Air Pollutant Discharge in Carson

CARSON — The City of Carson was advised by South Coast Air Quality Management District or SCAQMD in late July that an air pollutant discharge by Parter Medical Products, Inc. or Parter may constitute a health hazard.

Parter, located at 17015 Kingsview Ave. in Carson, is under investigat­ion for ethylene oxide or EtO emissions. EtO is a flammable, colorless gas used to make products including antifreeze, textiles, solvents, detergents and adhesives.

The city council voted unanimousl­y to take proactive measures months prior with AQMD by placing monitors in Hemingway Park and other areas in the City of Carson.

AQMD, with assistance from the California Air Resources Board is conducting air monitoring to determine levels of EtO near the facility and in the surroundin­g community. Individual grab samples (air sample collected at one location at one point in time) were taken to confirm elevated EtO levels. The agency will continue to work with Parter to identify the source(s) of EtO from their operations and identify actions to reduce emissions.

Details: https://tinyurl. com/2mjuw9rj

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