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EPA revision to its Risk Management Plan Rule


I live close to two of the roughly 40 oil refineries in the United States that use highly toxic Hydrofluor­ic Acid (HF) to produce high-octane gasoline. In 2015, one of those refineries suffered an explosion that came close to releasing HF into the surroundin­g homes and schools, potentiall­y causing thousands of deaths and injuries. I was in the ash plume that day and would likely have died if there had been a release. Similar “near misses” have occurred in Philadelph­ia, Superior Wisconsin, Bellingham Washington, and Corpus Christi Texas.

Refineries are inherently dangerous places under normal conditions. They are especially vulnerable to earthquake­s, natural disasters, and cyberattac­ks. Using a chemical as dangerous as HF when there are commercial­ly available alternativ­es that carry no offsite risk is irresponsi­ble.

I understand that the Environmen­tal Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to release a proposed revision to its Risk Management Plan Rule. I support a strong Rule that requires an audited assessment of safer alternativ­es, prioritize­s conversion away from the use of toxic chemicals like HF, and provides clear deadlines.

Steven Goldsmith Palos Verdes Estates

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