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- LA Times John Winkler San Pedro

I just read your column on the mayoral race. I know Tim, and given his experience in City Hall and local government, and what he has said when I have seen him, I support him. I , like others, have read the coverage of Danielle Sandoval’s labor complaint. I was, however, disappoint­ed to see Tim pile on and sink to mud-slinging. That, along with the revelation of the outcome of Tim’s lobbying efforts, is causing me to re-evaluate my support of him. The sign comes down for now.

Thanks for your reporting and knowledge of our local government. It has affected at least one voter’s decision.

Raymond Wells

San Pedro

McOsker Supporter

I’m voting for Tim McOsker. I’m a lifelong Democrat, a strong believer in choice and believe that a person should have the right to marry and spend their life with the person they so choose. Strong family values are essential to raising healthy children, and strong families can look many ways — which is a beautiful thing,

I’ve known the McOsker family for over 20 years. When we first moved into our house in San Pedro it was Tim’s mom, Pat who first welcomed us to the neighborho­od. If you know Pat and Tim’s dad, Mac, you know he was raised well. We are still in the same house and Tim’s brother and his family are now our neighbors. Our kids grew up together. I’ve spent time volunteeri­ng with Tim’s wife Connie, a committed citizen and valuable resident to our community. I feel I know Tim McOsker well.

Tim McOsker is a principal. He also knows how to get things done. And in politics that is important. You don’t always get everything you want, and Tim knows when to get what you can and work for more the next day. Tim has long term relationsh­ips with not only key LA City executives he is also well connected to the county. Those relationsh­ips will serve our district well. All of our districts.

I admire and respect candidate Sandoval’s campaign and her story. However, Tim McOsker is so much more prepared for the job of city councilper­son.

I strongly urge the residents of CD 15 to vote for Tim McOsker. Mitch Harmatz

San Pedro

Re: New Storage Facility Proposed in San Pedro

In the Sept. 29 to Oct.12 issue of RLn, the story about the New Storage Facility was cut short, as the article continued on page 15, although there was more to the story that was not included in the article.

Is Random Lengths planning to continue the story, as I am curious as to the other storage facility on North Gaffey that has storage available? It does not make any sense to have another storage facility when there is already one available, unless that one is filled up.

The other issue is cutting down pine trees to make this storage facility happen seems like a contradict­ion of going green. We need to keep the trees we have and planting more trees instead of chopping them down. We live in the Miraflores Home Owners Associatio­n and since this area is already a busy place during the day, we are concerned that it will get worse with more commercial traffic. There is only one access street into this area where there are over 50 homes in the associatio­n, not counting the homes along Miraflores St.

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