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SP Chamber Expresses Disappoint­ment with Wage Theft Allegation­s


We were disappoint­ed to read in the LA Times that Danielle Sandoval, candidate for LA City Council, CD15, committed wage theft and violated state labor law when she closed her restaurant, Caliente Cantina in San Pedro (LA Times, Sept, 23, 2022).

The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce takes wage theft seriously. Wage theft is the illegal practice of not paying workers for all of their work, and it is a persistent issue in California that has serious implicatio­ns for our workforce and communitie­s.

Even more disappoint­ing is the fact that Danielle Sandoval lent her campaign $37,000 of her own money while continuing to not pay those employees the money owed them for work they performed in her restaurant.

It is unconscion­able that an individual who is running to represent the workers in Council District 15 has hurt the very people she states she will fight for if elected.

As the leading voice for small business in San Pedro, we are asking you to take a hard look at the candidates in this race before you vote. We cannot support a candidate who violated state and local law in the operation of her business and has still not taken responsibi­lity for her actions.

Elise Swanson President/CEO San Pedro Chamber of


Dear Ms. Swanson,

As a member of the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, I have never seen this business organizati­on lobby for the protection of worker’s rights, raising the minimum wage or standing against the automation of jobs on our waterfront. I may be wrong, but this chamber seems to have always sided with business owners over workers for as long as I’ve been a member.

James Preston Allen,


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