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November 2022 Election Endorsemen­ts


Every registered voter gets a ballot by mail for this election. Many of you already have and it’s probably sitting on your kitchen table waiting for you to open it and then consider the choices. In the June primary 24.3% of eligible voters cast ballots and historical­ly three-times that number voted in the general runoff. Oftentimes voters refrain from voting on down ballot candidates like judges or community college boards.

After studying this ballot the editors have offered these endorsemen­ts marked by a P below. The majority of our choices lean towards Progressiv­e candidates and those that bring a different awareness to city, state or court perspectiv­es. And considerin­g all of the chaos regarding Nury Martinez’ leaked racially charged comments, we are continuing to support Danielle Sandoval for LA City Council CD15. You may not agree, but we urge you to vote.

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