And the rea­son for 200-foot tow­ers is . . . ?

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When some­thing is be­ing shoved down my throat I want to know why. I hear some say we will get broad­band In­ter­net with AT&T’s cell tower plan. I hear oth­ers say cell phone ser­vice. Oth­ers say it will help our vol­un­teer fire and res­cue teams. But I don’t hear specifics. I see maps that pro­vide no de­tails. I hear claims that 45 per­cent of the cit­i­zens will ben­e­fit. But when I look at the claims made by AT&T, I find noth­ing that specif­i­cally backs them up. It is left for us to fill in the dream with our own pro­jec­tions and wish­ful think­ing.

The map shows Sper­ryville as an area that will re­ceive some ben­e­fit. Sper­ryville al­ready has Com­cast cable, which pro­vides high-speed In­ter­net to some. It also has DSL ser­vice from Ver­i­zon, which pro­vides high-speed In­ter­net to some.

High speed In­ter­net is a ma­jor part of what AT&T says that it must pro­vide to meet the govern­ment’s in­cen­tives for ex­pand­ing such ser­vice to ev­ery­one. But it will not be pro­vid­ing that ser­vice to ev­ery­one in Rap­pa­han­nock County, or Sper­ryville for that mat­ter. Some? Yes. How many? No num­bers on that!

The State­ment of Ben­e­fits is what is used to jus­tify per­mit­ting AT&T to erect struc­tures sev­eral places in the county up to 199 feet in the air. Un­til now we

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