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Post O ce’s longawaite­d opening date remains uncertain


The Washington Post O ce continues to crawl its way toward a long- awaited grand opening, but it’s still not clear when that might take place.

Postal Service o cials for months have repeatedly adjusted the timetable for the Post O ce’s opening and are now declining to o er a window of time for when it might open for service.

“There is no speci c timeframe to open the facility. We currently are nalizing some required projects and inspection­s and will notify the public when the facility is ready to open,” Postal Service spokespers­on Mark Wahl said in a statement.

Washington Mayor Fred Catlin said that Postal Service o cials also would not o er him any informatio­n on when it may open. A Postal Service o cial who is not authorized to speak with reporters said that the facility should open sooner rather than later. The electricit­y has been hooked up and the building’s sta is set, the o cial said.

In September 2021, o cials reported that electric and sewer hook- ups were placed in incorrect areas of the building, which caused delay in installing the electricit­y needed for work to proceed on the interior. By November, most of the building’s utilities were installed, but Rappahanno­ck Electric Cooperativ­e ( REC) was still in the process of hooking up electricit­y since the company was backlogged with other work.

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