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Thanks for bringing Pepper home


No doubt there are a whole bunch of dogs who live in Rappahanno­ck County who are greatly loved by us. Susan and I have one of them; she is called Pepper.

Pepper is known by almost everyone in the county. For the most part, Pepper lives in our house and sometimes in the backyard. She is not allowed to spend much time in the front yard, which empties into Route 522. But sometimes she escapes.

One of those times occurred this past week. Pepper darted out the front door which she does sometimes, into the cold. We called and called but she wouldn’t come. We were truly worried that she wouldn’t make it through the night. Finally I phoned the Rappahanno­ck County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy was entirely courteous and helpful. He asked our address, Pepper’s name and her willingnes­s and the best way to get to our house.

About 15 minutes later the deputy’s car came driving up the driveway with Pepper trotting alongside. “Is this your dog?” the deputy asked. The answer was of course “Yes.” The deputy replied, “Glad to have met her.”

Great county this is — great deputies.

Peter Hornbostel

Flint Hill

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