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Cold Weather A ects Your Bill... But You Can FIGHT BACK!


Acold wind whips through trees in the back yard. Hot chocolate is almost ready. And visions of a warmer home dance through your head. You eye the thermostat, just across the room, and can almost feel the extra warmth coming out of the vents as you reach for the setting. REC’s energy experts have some advice for you: Don’t do it. “Before you turn up the temperatur­e setting – even just a little bit – remember that heating your home in the winter accounts for the largest portion of your electric bill,” said REC’s Energy Management Adviser Rich Mialki.

“It’s also important to note, that your bill will be higher even if you never change the setting because the colder the air is outside, the harder your heating, ventilatio­n and air-conditioni­ng unit will have to work,” Mialki said. “Prolonged low outside temperatur­es lead to an increase in electricit­y use, which leads to higher electric bills.”

But, Mialki noted, you can fight back. Instead of reaching for the thermostat, Mialki recommends that you instead grab an extra sweater or a blanket.

“An extra layer can help to keep you warm,” Mialki said, “and best of all it won’t have any ešect on your electric bill.”

Other steps you can take this winter to keep your energy use – and your bill – in check:

➜ Create your MyREC SmartHub pro„le to monitor your energy use through the My Usage tool.

Monitor your energy use in SmartHub using the My Usage tool. You can monitor events in your home – such as a long shower, using the oven for an hour or doing laundry – to see how much energy you are using. Track the details by the month, day or even by the hour, and use the informatio­n to make changes to reduce your energy use.

Get started today: myrec.smarthub.coop

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