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The post o ce is opening! But lack of streetligh­ts is a safety hazard

- WASHINGTON Jan Clatterbuc­k

Guess what I heard through the grapevine on Monday! The Town of Washington post office will officially open on Feb. 22, of this year. Yes I did say this year 2022. It sure has been a long wait.

Hours are from Monday through Friday, 8: 30 a. m. to 12: 30 p. m. with an hour closure for lunch before reopening at 1: 30 p. m and closing at 4: 30 p. m. Saturday hours are 8 a. m. to 11 a. m. I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to be a post office in Washington.

I was there in the dark one morning, and one thing I noticed quickly. There were no outside lights in the parking area. Well I did make a little noise snooping around and this is how I found out why there were no lights: Because it would interfere with the “dark skies.”

Let's get real here: I like the dark skies too, but safety for the community getting their mail after dark outweighs the dark skies in my book. The elders need lights to see when walking from their vehicle to the post office after dark. I’m including myself right along with the elders.

For some that work in the city, coming home after dark pulling in the parking lot to get their mail in the dark, is not a good thing. We definitely need some type of lights in the parking area.

I understand this is a safe town and nothing bad really happens. But hey: There’s a first time for anything to happen. God forbid it doesn't.

Keep in mind, down the road someone might get slapped with a lawsuit if they fall and get hurt really bad. We have to look at the pros and cons here for safety.

So please get some type of lights in the parking area please! Don’t even think about those solar lights either. They are not worth the time of day. I know because I have had them.

Guess for now when we get our mail after dark, we have to make sure we have a flashlight in our vehicle to use. Make sure you hold them down to the ground

so they won’t interfere with the dark skies.

Guess we have to wait to see it with our eyes if it really will open on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

Hey, what do I know — just my thoughts about the situation.


The Child Care and Learning Center is excited to be a recent recipient of the 2021 Virginia Wildlife Grant Program, a partnershi­p between the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources and the Wildlife Foundation of Virginia. With the funds, CCLC is purchasing digital cameras and starting a program to connect children to our local wildlife through photograph­y. Photograph­ing wildlife (and signs of wildlife) helps children to focus their attention and get to know the world around them, while building their con dence and allowing them to share their unique perspectiv­e on the world. The program will be o ered in our a erschool program and in a week-long summer camp session.

While CCLC plans to purchase some cameras with funds from the grant, they could use additional cameras. If you have a digital camera in good working order that you are no longer using, CCLC would love for you to consider making a tax-deductible donation. If you are a wildlife photograph­er and are excited to work with kids, please consider talking with Christina at CCLC about sharing your knowledge and passion.


Looks like the month of February is going to be a roller coaster ride, up and down for us. Here lately the weather has been up and down. Some days spring weather and some days cold temperatur­es. I was hoping that spring was around the corner for us, with the warm temperatur­es and the days getting some length to them and some of the owers poking through the ground.

Guess we have to hold on tight for the ride and wait and see what the rest of the month has in store for us. I am sure that we will have some more bad weather.

In spite of the cold temperatur­es and little snow we had on Monday, Valentine's Day, I hope everyone had a nice holiday.


In last week's Washington column, birthday wishes went out to Lois Settle and Aubrey Burke which listed the wrong month. It should have said March 18, instead of Feb. 18. Sorry for the confusion.


The Book Barn is now open for business with lots of new books of all types, CDs, DVDs, and puzzles. Please stop by on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and stock up on your winter readings.

Because of the recent abundance of contributi­ons, we must limit donations to one bag or box per person.

All proceeds go to the Rappahanno­ck County Library.


Belated birthday wishes go out to a beautiful lady, Dorothy Hackley, she celebrated her special day on Wednesday, Feb. 16. She’ll turn 97. Quite an accomplish­ment! May you have many more wonderful years to come Dorothy.

Stay warm and have a wonderful week.

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 ?? BY DENNIS BRACK ?? e skies sure are dark around the new post o ce.
BY DENNIS BRACK e skies sure are dark around the new post o ce.

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