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Who is Hung Cao?


The Congressio­nal primaries for the 10th District are fast approachin­g. Candidates from both sides of the aisle have started the race in earnest and are fervently making public appearance­s to get their message out. One such candidate on the Republican primary ticket is Capt. Hung Cao, USN, Ret. A number of Rappahanno­ck citizens met Hung Cao and his wife April at a meetthe-candidate event last week and he le a very positive impression.

Who is Hung Cao? Capt. Hung Cao, who prefers being addressed as Hung, emphasized his life's duty and commitment to protecting and defending all Americans. He has an impressive record of service and valor along with an exemplary education in math and science. Hung escaped Vietnam with his family at the age of four where they endured a harrowing and di cult journey during the fall of Vietnam. With nothing but a commitment to family, their new country and hard work they sacri ced and prospered achieving what many would consider the “American Dream.” He felt he owed something to the country that gave him and his family a safe home and great opportunit­ies.

Capt. Hung Cao emphasized his passion for the Constituti­on of the United States and our God given rights. He made clear that those rights which are bestowed on all, come with responsibi­lity. He con rmed his strong belief that if we are to promote the general welfare, tranquilit­y and the blessings of liberty to all, we must do so with an unwavering ght for justice and the common defense. He was able to apply these fundamenta­l beliefs to the many questions asked, such as immigratio­n, the federal budget, national defense, parental rights, etc... and he never hesitated in his response.

Capt. Hung Cao is a worthy candidate to consider. As he stated quite rmly, “I have worked to protect and defend all Americans throughout my entire career and I have never run from a ght.” You may wish to ask your own questions of this candidate. Democrat or Republican, go to his website: hungcaofor­congress.com. Go to the events calendar and nd out where you can meet him. Ask him the questions you want answered and judge for yourself. It is our country and your participat­ion is required.


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