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West’s response to Russian invasion inadequate


Thank you, Richard Brady, for eloquently expressing my anguish over what is taking place in Ukraine, and about our inadequate response and lack of real and timely help.

Having experience­d the loss of the country of my birth, Rhodesia, which has been utterly destroyed and is the disaster now known as Zimbabwe, I weep for Ukrainians. The West was complicit in the destructio­n of Rhodesia, and then stood idly by, watching and impotently wringing its hands as Mugabe and his henchmen murdered 10,000 Ndebele (because they were of a rival tribe); murdered white farmers; invaded and occupied productive farms and destroyed the commercial farming sector; terrorized, imprisoned or murdered any opposition; and ruined the economy.

Mugabe and his ZANU-PF turned what had been a bread basket in southern Africa to a begging bowl whose people face hunger and despair on a daily basis.

Surely the US can do better for Ukraine, and do it immediatel­y? KAY MACLELLAN WILSON Washington

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