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Town authorizes attorney to talk boundary change terms


Washington Town Council on Monday voted to allow the town’s attorney to convene with Rappahanno­ck County’s Commonweal­th’s Attorney and a lawyer for Rush River Commons to discuss the terms of potentiall­y expanding the town’s boundary to accommodat­e the developmen­t’s proposed second phase.

Sometime in the near future, Rush River Commons Property Owner

Chuck Akre’s attorney John Foote, Commonweal­th’s Attorney Art Go and Washington Attorney Martin Crim are expected to meet and draw up an agreement of what the second phase of the developmen­t may contain.

They are also likely to discuss potential concession­s county o cials may want from the town in exchange for their support of the boundary change as many members of the Rappahanno­ck County Board of Supervisor­s believe that the move e ectively cedes zoning control of Akre’s property to a government entity that’s more open to developmen­t.

Whatever the trio writes up will then be presented to the Board of Supervisor­s, which will hold a work session to weigh in on what is proposed before taking a nal vote and passing it over to the town for its government to act on.

The move, which followed a lengthy closed session and was approved unanimousl­y, marked the rst time Town Council has acted in public session on Akre’s e orts to expand the town’s boundary so his property, which currently straddles the line between Washington and the county, can be brought entirely under the town’s jurisdicti­on to accommodat­e his developmen­t proposal’s expansion.

Town Council last year approved the rst phase of Rush River Commons, which sits entirely within the town’s current jurisdicti­on and is expected to soon break ground as Washington's first mixed- use developmen­t. It will include 18 housing units (some deemed affordable), a cafe and a new location for the Rappahanno­ck Food Pantry.

And while its members, including Washington Mayor Fred Catlin, have indicated support for the developmen­t’s proposed second phase, it needs to be approved by both the town and county and then signed off on by a judge for it to go into effect.

 ?? BY LUKE CHRISTOPHE­R ?? Rush River Commons dominated the Town Council’s Monday meeting.
BY LUKE CHRISTOPHE­R Rush River Commons dominated the Town Council’s Monday meeting.

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