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‘Bravo Zulu’ to Rapp Sheriff’s deputies


Iwas at the general traffic entrance for the Point-to-Point races watching many, many cars and pickups backed up to turn off Ben Venue Road in order to park in the venue. As all know, Ben Venue Road can have some dangerous hills and curves.

I was waiting at the turn-in to host a fellow Naval Academy Grad, Hung Cao and his family, in order for them to spend a day at the races. Because of my location I had the good fortune to observe for a long time the total profession­alism of two Rappahanno­ck Deputy Sheriffs who were managing traffic safety; Deputies Crystal Jenkins and Logan Davis.

They coordinate­d and directed traffic flow with total control while being the epitome of graceful profession­alism to all drivers. Often, day in and day out our Sheriff’s deputies stand vigilant traffic safety often unheralded but on that special Saturday they truly made the Sheriff’s Office proud.

In the Navy there is a ship to ship flag hoist “Bravo Zulu,” for a job well done. Even though it was a great exciting land event, Bravo Zulu to the two deputies. Ed Timperlake


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