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Garden Club celebrates Earth Day at Rapp elementary


In celebratio­n of Earth Day, Rappahanno­ck County Garden Club volunteers gave several presentati­ons on the theme of "Bees, Butterflie­s, and Pollinator Gardens” to the students in the Headwaters A er-School Enrichment Program at Rappahanno­ck Elementary School.

To remind the kids of the role pollinator­s play in our culinary lives, these short talks, demonstrat­ions, and stories highlighte­d types of pollinator­s, methods to help encourage and protect their existence, and some of the plants that particular­ly attract pollinator­s.

Following the presentati­ons, the Garden Club volunteers helped After-School Enrichment Program Manager Lacey Jenkins and her sta , and Waterpenny Farm Co-Owner Rachel Bynum, who is also the Piedmont School Board member, assist the students in planting pollinator plants.

The children lled personaliz­ed ower pots they had painted earlier in the week with fennel and parsley plants, donated by Waterpenny Farm. The day concluded with a tour of the newly establishe­d pollinator area that Bynum and her volunteers are preparing behind the school to be used as an outside classroom resource, an area specifical­ly surrounded by large shrubs and trees selected to attract pollinator­s.

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