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Schools hold public hearing on revised comp plan

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The Rappahanno­ck County School Board on Tuesday held a public hearing on a dra of its newly revised comprehens­ive plan as it moves toward an expected June adoption of the document before the plan goes fully into e ect next school year.

The schools have formulated the plan around the Virginia Department of Education’s pro

le of an ideal high school graduate, which includes their knowledge of classroom content, workplace skills and community and civic responsibi­lities, as well as the ability to plan a career.

Outlined in the document are ambitious plans to expand the schools’ investment in trades education, including a proposal to partner with Laurel Ridge Community College to develop a “Trades and Industry Academy” to provide students hands-on experience and certificat­ions. It also includes plans to continue developing the schools’ Agricultur­al and Fine and Performing Arts Academies, which have both proven to be popular among students.

Increasing parent involvemen­t in the schools is also listed as a priority. The schools hope to accomplish this by including parents in the academic career planning process so they can provide feedback and learn about different opportunit­ies.

The plan calls for the schools to prepare students for “the 3-Es,” being enrollment in higher education, enlistment in the military and employment in the workforce, a motto frequently used by high school Principal Carlos Seward.

The dra plans for the schools to continue advocating that the state amend the way school funding is allocated. In February, the School Board and Rappahanno­ck County Board of Supervisor­s jointly declared that the funding formula used by the state is inequitabl­e to communitie­s like Rappahanno­ck with high property values due to open agricultur­al spaces.

Investment in internet expansion countywide is also mentioned as some students were disproport­ionately affected by a lack of connectivi­ty amid the pandemic when schooling was conducted remotely.

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