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Share Shed is back in order

- Sheila Gresinger Washington

Last Friday, I made my first visit to Flatwood Refuse and Recycling in a while (my younger son had been making the trash runs for me, oh, happy day) and was gratified to discover the spaciousne­ss there now.

What a difference from the old days with the trash pit, now past history after a lot of study and negotiatio­ns, I am sure. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so, bravo to our County Administra­tor Garrey Curry and all those he gathered to find and implement solutions for Flatwood.

Actually, my trip there was to visit The Share Shack. Some might remember the discussion­s surroundin­g its reopening after closure due to COVID-19 protection­s needed. Not surprising, though, a small group formed and, working with Mr. Curry and Flatwood Manager Mr. Willie Shanks proceeded to clean it up, clear it out and re-establishe­d a Tuesday volunteer group to reorganize donations to keep items fairly well organized.

I was happy to meander around there, hang my few donations on one of the several racks, and look at books among other items. I follow The Share Shack on Facebook, so I know the progress is consistent­ly ongoing. Congratula­tions to all who have volunteere­d now!

At the Sperryfest celebratio­n this past Saturday, The Share Shed even had a table displaying an array of items repurposed and renovated, demonstrat­ing what can be done instead of possibly throwing away.

Thank you to those who donate reusable stuff that can benefit others. Flatwood is now a wonderful example of what we in Rappahanno­ck can and do accomplish endlessly together. Thank you.

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