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A heartfelt thanks to our community


We wish to thank everyone who supported Sperry-Fest and those who donated so generously of their time, talent and gifts to make it a wonderfull­y harmonious community event.

We offer special thanks to the Rappahanno­ck County Sheriff's Office, the Sperryvill­e Volunteer Fire Department and Sperryvill­e Volunteer Rescue Squad for keeping everyone safe, to our generous sponsors and those who donated prizes, to the food vendors who served tasty treats, to wineries and breweries for their libations, to the artisans for unique arts and crafts, to our treasured non-profit groups who work tirelessly for our residents, to Grass Fed and Bobby G and Friends who kept us entertaine­d, to the volunteers in the Kids Corner who provided hours of fun and games for children, to David Albee for his amazing car collection, to the kids who kept the ducks swimming freely down the Mighty Thornton River, and to everyone who came to share our small town warmth and community spirit. Together, you made it a memorable day for everyone.

Sperry-Fest Organizing Committee (AKA Team Duck) of the Sperryvill­e

Community Alliance: Kerry Sutten, Robert Archer, Kim Nelson, Anita Carshult, Kevin Cheetham, Kathy Kidd, Bob Trafton, Dracy Justen, Jami Davis, Katherine Cole, Katy Thomas, Susan Huff and Dot Lessard

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