Rappahannock News

A note from a descendant of Amissville’s forefather

- Earl Johnson Woodville

Iam a direct descendant of Edmond Bayse (“A Journey Through Amissville’s History”). He is my great-great-great grandfathe­r. I was pleasantly surprised to see the family mentioned in the Rappahanno­ck News’ recent Amissville coverage. There is also a Bayse mountain up Viewtown Road in Amissville. Although many Basye's (the family adapted the name) in Basye, Virginia, the family moved West to Kentucky, and then Missouri where I was born and grew up.

Rappahanno­ck County was then part of Culpeper County and another relative, John Basye, had a large plantation near the Five Forks church. Richard Basye entertaine­d General Lafayette at his tavern in Jenkintown near, what is now, Clevenger’s Corner. Basyes’ were also Culpeper


Thanks so much for the family mentioned in the Amissville coverage! It would have been Basyeville, but we lost to the Amiss' by one vote!

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